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High-Voltage Safe Measurement Systems

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Safe measurements on high-voltage components

E-mobility: Safe measurements on high-voltage components of electric and hybrid vehicles; in distributed applications and in test benches. CSM measurement systems offer certified safety for the measurement of temperature, voltage, humidity, etc. in high-voltage environments.

Safe HV-measurements for E-Mobility

The development of drive concepts for electric and hybrid vehicles is an important field of innovation in automotive technology. The primary objective: improvement of the efficiency and in so doing an extending the range. Essential for this: Accumulators with high efficiency, an optimized powertrain with minimized power loss and the perfect interaction of all components.

High-voltage measurements with certified safety

Measurements directly in the high voltage on-board power supply system, such as in the battery packs or in the power electronics, however, require special safety measures. This includes a high-voltage-safe measurement chain from the sensor up to data acquisition. HV-measurement technology from CSM to this end, offers a multilevel safety concept in accordance with DIN EN 61010, which includes measurement modules, cables and connectors.

Wide-ranging portfolio of high-voltage-safe measurement systems

CSM offers a wide portfolio of high-voltage-safe measurement systems for the acquisition of analog voltages and temperatures with K-type thermocouples or PT100 and PT1000 sensors:

  • as MiniModules for distributed use close to the point of measurement
  • as 19'' slide-in modules for use in the test benches or installed in the trunk of a car
  • specially developed high-voltage-safe multi-channel cables



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