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FAQ ECM (Exhaust)

Questions and answers on Exhaust measurement modules.

Is it possible to change the baud rate of an ECM module (LambdaCANc,...) in CSMconfig?

The baud rate can only be changed with the ECM configuration tool. You can download the ECM configuration tool under the following link

In CSMconfig, the module can then be read in and parameterized as usual.

Adjust heating and sensor characteristic curve manually via CSMconfig

Heating and sensor characteristics can be adapted using the CSMconfig configuration software. Via the configuration panel it is possible to adapt the two characteristic curves accordingly. Further information can be found in the CSMconfig help under the keyword ECM heating characteristic.

Information on the characteristic curves can be taken from the data sheet of the probe.

Effect of condensation water on the exhaust system

If condensation hits the hot probe, the ceramic cracks and the probe is broken.

There are several ways to prevent this:

  • A protection tube on the probe (has every probe, LSU4.9 has quite different ones), which keeps off water droplets, but still allows gas changes.
  • Wait for dew point end, i.e. all water is out of the system. (This can take several minutes for a diesel engine; the probe is not heated until then (=unregulated exhaust gas)).
  • Assembly at a place where no/few water droplets are present.

Which interfaces are supported by the ECM Configuration Tool?

  • Kvaser
  • ETAS
  • Peak USB-to-CAN Adapter
  • VectorCAN

What has to be considered when updating the firmware of the ECM modules?

Please note the following points when updating the firmware of the ECM modules:

  • Never interrupt the power supply during the update.
  • The firmware can only be updated for one ECM module at a time.
  • There must not be any further modules on the CAN bus (this also apllies to ECM modules).
  • The correct firmware for the module must be selected. The configuration tool does not check the plausibility of the correct firmware file.
  • No probe connected to the module
  • After the successful update, wait until the module has been restarted and is ready for operation (red LED flashes every 2 seconds; configuration tool will show error 0x14 intentionally - sensor missing).