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Fast and synchronous measurements Header Fast and synchronous measurements

EtherCAT®-based measurement
for enhanced measurement requirements

CSM ECAT Measurement Modules

In the case of high-demanding measurement applications exceeding the CAN bus capabilities, CSM's EtherCAT®-based MiniModules provide the optimal solution. EtherCAT® is an established protocol for fast and synchronous measurements coming from the test bench measurement technology sector. It sets standards in terms of bandwidth, maximum number of measurement channels and synchronization of measurement signals.

As an Ethernet-based data bus, EtherCAT® features short cycle times and low jitter. In addition, the Distributed Clocks functionality ensures accurate synchronization (≤ 1 μs) of all connected modules, regardless of the size of the measurement setup. EtherCAT® supports a similar network structure as the one known from CAN bus. Ethernet thus enables the setup of extensive measurement networks with many slave devices on one bus – which ideal for distributed measurement applications.

ECAT MiniModules from CSM open up new possibilities for distributed measurements

CSM's EtherCAT®-based MiniModules are ideal on the one hand for multi-channel applications e. g. with more than 1,000 strain gauges / acceleration sensors and for synchronised high-speed measurements with measurement data rates of up to 1 MHz per channel on the other hand. Specially adapted measuring modules are available for IEPE sensors. ECAT MiniModules thus feature all the advantages of CSM's CAN MiniModules and convince through their compact and robust design as well as the high accuracy over the entire operating temperature range.

EtherCAT® goes mobile

In combination with the XCP-Gateway, CSM connects its ECAT MiniModules with the protocol XCP-on-Ethernet. As a result, the measurement modules are made compatible with standard data acquisition systems in the automotive measurement technology sector. In addition, the gateway connects CAN and EtherCAT® measurement data in a common data bus. This simplifies the setup of measurement applications and saves resources, since only one measurement chain is needed. The swift configuration of the application is possible with CSMconfig.



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Schematic illustration of an ECAT measurement setup
Diagram of an ECAT measurement setup with XCP-Gateway.
AD4 OG ECAT MiniModul-Series

AD4 ECAT MM Series

Easy measurement of fast analog signals

Type AD4 pro, Type IG100 | IG1000 and Type OG10 | OG100 | OG1000

Designed for the acquisition of fast analog signals in distributed measurements applied in the fields of automotive measurement technology. High-precision bipolar sensor excitation allows the use of a wide range of standard sensors.

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AD4 OG ECAT MiniModul-Series

AD4 ECAT MM Series

Fast measurement with IEPE sensors

Type IE100 and Type OE100

Designed specifically for use with IEPE sensors. With up to 100 kHz per channel, the high-speed EtherCAT® measurement modules simplify your application.

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Product Picture EtherCAT STG MiniModule


Fast and decentralized strain gauge measurements

Precise and synchronous acquisition of mechanical strain directly at the strain gauge points of application: This is what the EtherCAT®-based measurement module ECAT STGMM 6 with six time-synchronous strain gauge inputs for quarter-, half- and full bridges has been designed for

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The protocol converter for EtherCAT® and CAN to XCP-on-Ethernet

XCP-Gateway is the interface between the data acquisition software (e. g. vMeasure, CANape®, INCA®, Vision® ...) and the EtherCAT® measurement modules from CSM. It includes an EtherCAT® master and an XCP-on-Ethernet slave.

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