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Measurement of Analog Voltages
Measurement of analog voltage from sensors

Measurement of Analog Voltage from Sensors

Numerous measurement variables in vehicle development and testing can be recorded with sensors that reproduce their respective measured variable as an analog voltage. For example, distance, pressure, flow rates, moisture, vibration and noise can be easily measured.

Single Components and Systems

In the development of individual components such as headlights, a series of tests must be carried out before series production is released - in driving operation and on the test bench. Pressures, temperatures, accelerations and also moisture are measured during headlight tests to ensure that limits are not exceeded. After all, function and durability should be guaranteed for the entire life cycle of the vehicle.

Vehicle headlights
During development, numerous components must be extensively tested.

Tests in Harsh Conditions

Truck on a snowy road
Systems must undergo testing in the most extreme conditions to ensure that they work.

In summer and winter testing, the CSM AD measurement modules show their full strength: extremely robust and compact enough to be installed almost anywhere, they deliver extremely precise measurement results. in durability tests, the measurement modules often have to withstand extreme weather and temperature conditions and must reliably deliver accurate measurement results. Thanks to their IP67 housing protection class and low development of inherent heat, CSM AD measurement modules meet these requirements. Installation is made easier not only by the slim design, but also by an integrated power supply for the analog sensors, which greatly simplifies cabling. The measurement modules can be easily configured for the respective parameters of the sensors used.

CSM Measurement Modules

CSM measurement modules are excellently suited for use in road tests and on the test bench due to their compact design. They allow fast installation and easy analysis of the measurement results.

For relatively slow signals, such as pressures, the CAN-based CSM AD measurement modules are particularly suitable, as they are extremely easy to handle. For faster signals, such as accelerations, and signals that have to be acquired highly synchronously, for example in operational stability, the EtherCAT®-based measurement modules are the ideal choice.

Measurement modules for measuring sensor voltages in high-voltage environments can be found here.

CSM ECAT AD measurement modules
CSM EtherCAT®-based measurement modules for the acquisition of fast signals.

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