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Exhaust Gas Measurements Reliable Exhaust Gas Measurements

Extensive Exhaust Gas Measurements for Emission Reduction Purposes

The reduction of emission values plays an essential role in the development of vehicles and industrial plants. In order to obtain meaningful measurement readings, CSM has expanded its measurement portfolio to include exhaust gas measurement modules from ECM.

Optimise drives - comply with standards

ECM (Engine Control and Monitoring) is the market leader in the USA for quality exhaust gas measurement technology based on wideband sensors. The company offers compact, CAN-based modules and analyzers for measuring Lambda, O2, NOx and NH3. These are used in vehicles powered by gasoline, diesel, CNG or LPG engines in road tests and test benches. ECM is also a development partner of the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and thus vehicle approvals in the USA are carried out with ECM equipment.

The ECM modules are an ideal complement to the CSM measuring modules. They have the same environmental specification as the MiniModules from CSM. This means that the exhaust gas measuring instruments can be easily integrated into a measurement setup with other CSM measurement modules using our CSMconfig configuration software and used for engine applications, for example.

Vehicles in exhaust cloud
Emission values must comply with certain limits and be measured precisely.

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