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Data Recording
Reliable recording of fleet data

Data Recording

Measurement data from various sources must be recorded in order to be able to evaluate them afterwards: Whether it is for pre-series testing or fleet monitoring. CSM data loggers meet the high demands that mobile use places on the device: reliable data recording under all conditions.

Data Loggers for Vehicle Development

Data logger with measurement modules in the trunk
CSM data loggers can be installed together with the measurement modules to save space and reliably record the collected data from many sources.

During durability tests for pre-series and series approval, vehicles are tested under the harshest conditions in order to identify potential failure modes. In order to be able to simulate conditions in the working environment afterwards and to prevent possible failure modes, the collected measurement data must be recorded precisely.

CSM's UniCAN data loggers were developed exactly for this purpose: they reliably record data from different sources with a wide range of supported protocols. Over a long period of time and under all road and weather conditions. CSM data loggers are extremely flexible in use, with available wireless data transmission, optional CAN FD and software extensions such as Seed & Key data protection..

Industrial Applications

For every business, science or industry, from aircraft flight data, to information from weighing terminals or medical devices, data must be reliably recorded and securely stored. This is often done on memory cards. There are many software variants and memory card types and and a customer’s primary concern is whether the storage and data will be supported in the future. "Long-term availability" is the magic word and this is guaranteed with our data loggers for industrial use.

The CSM OmniDrive reads and writes to various memory cards from different manufacturers, also older technologies, and thus enables the straightforward data exchange with computers with Windows operating system.

With the familiar CSM standard, the OmniDrives reliably record data from various sources and can be flexibly adapted to customer-specific requirements through numerous options. For example, the OmniDrive as external data storage has a wide range of industrial interfaces, such as RS232, RS485 or CAN.

Aircraft on runway
Aircraft are in use for many years - support for the storage media used must be guaranteed over this entire lifetime.