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HV safe Temperature Measurement HV DTemp Measurement System

HV DTemp Measurement System

Digital temperature measurement with up to 512 measurement points

The CSM HV DTemp measurement system is designed for the digital and precise measurement of up to 512 temperature measurement points via a single cable connection to the HV DTemp Central Unit.

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  • Measurement accuracy of the overall system: ±0.1 °C to ±0.25 °C
  • Miniaturized, highly accurate, robust and very immune to interference
  • Efficient acquisition of up to 512 temperature measurement points via a central control unit
  • Temperature sensors can be precisely positioned and flexibly applied, e.g. via an ultra-thin flexible circuit
  • Only one connection cable from the HV environment to the CAN bus central unit
  • HV-safe up to 1,000 V DC

Precise knowledge of thermal behaviour and temperature profiles is an essential prerequisite for the further development of high-performance high-voltage battery systems. For this purpose, temperatures must be measured with several hundred measurement points, even between the cells of the battery.

With the HV DTemp measurement system, such measurements can be easily performed due to the connection via a single digital line into the HV environment and the decentralized control of up to 512 temperature measurement points.

The measurement system consists of three components:

HV DTemp IC Sensors

  • Up to four IC temperature sensors are combined to form an HV DTemp sensor assembly. The sensors are either arranged individually on an ultra-thin flexible circuit or positioned together on one larger flexible circuit.
  • The dimensions of the flexible circuit and the sensor position can be selected according to the measurement task.

HV DTemp-Mx Controller

  • The compact HV DTemp controllers are installed decentrally in the HV environment. They provide the power supply for the temperature sensors and acquire up to 64 temperature signals in parallel.
  • The power supply of all HV DTemp controllers and the transmission of the measured temperature values out of the HV environment is provided via a single HV-safe connection cable.

HV DTemp-P Central Unit

  • Up to eight of the HV DTemp controllers can be operated simultaneously on the HV DTemp-P Central Unit via an internal digital measurement bus.
  • From the HV DTemp-P Central Unit to the measurement data acquisition system, the temperature values are transmitted via a single digital CAN bus cable, which also contains the power supply for all DTemp components.

The individual components are combined specifically to a complete measurement system for each application.

In addition, the DTEMPconfig conficuration software provides further options for individual configuration, such as the selection and naming of temperature measurement points, the entry of comments, support of device firmware updates and the output of configuration reports.

Temperature measurement with the HV DTemp measurement system
Temperature measurement with the HV DTemp measurement system
HV DTemp IC-Sensorik (Sensorbaugruppen und Sensoren auf Flexprint-Trägerfolie)
HV DTemp IC Sensors (sensor assemblies and sensors on ultra-thin felxible circuits) for temperature measurement
HV HV DTemp Controller
HV DTemp Controller for control and voltage supply of the IC sensors
HV DTemp-P Central Unit for the control of the entire system
HV DTemp-P Central Unit for the control of the entire system


The HV DTemp measurement system is suitable for all demanding temperature measurements with a large number of measurements points in confined installation spaces. The measurement system can be used to determine temperature profiles between the battery cells, especially in HV batteries, e.g. for the optimization and validation of HV batteries in electric or hybrid vehicles.

It is used for measurements whose requirements are not met by conventional analog measurement systems, in particular for reasons of space and lack of interference immunity. With a high number of temperature measurement points, the transmission of interference-sensitive analog signals proves difficult in mobile applications.

Due to the digital data transmission and the small space requirements of the components of the HV DTemp measurement system even such measurement tasks can be mastered. With the compact and robust design of the IC sensors and the controllers, measurements can be made at all levels (cell level, module level, battery level).

The measurement system is suitable for use on test benches and installed in the vehicle during road tests.

Temperature measurement with the HV DTemp measurement system in an HV battery
Temperature measurement with the HV DTemp measurement system in an HV battery


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Here you will find all important information about the HV DTemp Measurement System for temperature measurements in high-voltage batteries.

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Firmware for HV DTemp-Mx Controller (unisolated)

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