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Reliable CAN Measurement Technology Reliable CAN Measurement Technology

CAN MiniModules

Measurement points distributed throughout a device under test, whether in a vehicle or at a test bench place high demands on the measurement technology. Measurement modules must be compact, robust, reliable, and easy to use. CSM meets all these requirements with its long-term proven CAN MiniModule series.

Thanks to the minimized size with protection class IP65/67, CSM CAN MiniModules can be directly mounted in the engine compartments of vehicles and as such close to the points of measurement. In the case of test bench applications, they can be installed on pallets and transferred with the DUT to the test bench. Consequently, the measurement setup can as such be pre-configured and tested. This reduces the setup time for test benches, thus minimizing downtimes.

These measurement modules are extremely easy to use. They can be universally applied, for example in measurement applications in the power train, HVAC components, various component tests, electric/electronics, benchmarking etc. CSM measurement modules are also very well suited for comprehensive and long-term fleet tests.

The following physical parameters can be measured:

The configuration of CSM’s MiniModules is done via the free CSMconfig software or a CANopen master. Users of ETAS INCA software appreciate the CSM INCA AddOn through which the modules can be fully integrated with INCA. The modules interface with many other software tools such as Vector’s CANape, vMeasure exp, and The Mathworks MatLab to list just a few.

Product picture CSM CAN AD MiniModules

CAN AD MiniModules

Allround measurement modules for sensors with analog voltage outputs

CSM’s AD MiniModules of the AD CAN MM (MiniModule)-Series offer a wide range of applications for measuring analogue signals (voltage, current, pressure, flow rate, etc.).

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CAN TH MiniModules

Temperature measurements with K-, J- and T-type thermocouples

CSM’s Thermo MiniModules allow precise distributed temperature measurements with K-, J- and T-type thermocouples: ideal for measurements in the powertrain, on HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) components, in the vehicle interior, the powertrain development and many more.

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CAN PT MiniModule evo

Temperature measurements with PT100 and PT1000 RTD sensors

CSM offers these modules for temperature measurements with increased accuracy requirements compared to thermocouples. PTMM evo modules allow high-precision temperature measurements with either PT100 or PT1000 RTD elements.

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CAN STG6 MiniModule

Measurement of mechanical strain in any environment

Precise measurement of mechanical strain, directly at the point of application of the strain gauge: realized via the CAN-based measurement module STG6 BK10 with six strain gauge inputs for quarter-, half- and full bridges.

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CNT evo MM Series

CNT evo CAN MM Series

Simple acquisition of digital measurement variables

The CNT evo is a high-precision measurement module designed for measuring frequencies, pulse widths, incremental displacement measurements, rotation angles, position measurement, event counting and period measurements.

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CAN OUT MiniModules

The OUT MiniModule is a signal output module which generates both analog variables and digital signals. The OUT MiniModule (OUTMM) provides configurable output signals in accordance with a value that has been pre-defined by CAN bus messages. Typical use cases for an OUTMM are test benches with analog display units and actuators, as well as the simulation of parameters in early development stages (HIL testing).

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