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Software for Configuration, Measurement, Visualisation and Processing

Perfectly matched to the CSM measurement modules

For the purposes of the setup of measurement chains from one source, CSM offers software solutions for the configuration of the CSM measurement modules as well as for the measurement and visualisation of measurement data.

Configuration software

  • CSMconfig (incl. CSMview) for all CSM measurement modules
  • CSMuniconf for the UniCAN 3 data loggers

Data processing software

  • CSMdataconv for the UniCAN 3 data loggers

Measurement data acquisition software

  • vMeasure exp: software from Vector Informatik for measurements with all CSM measurement modules.

Add-ons and plug-ins

In addition, CSM offers several software add-ons and plug-ins, for the easy configuration of the CSM measurement modules, via third-party software.

vMeasure exp


Reliably Solving Complex Measurement Tasks

vMeasure, developed by Vector Informatik, is an easy-to-use software tool for the acquisition and analysis of measurement data that can be used in combination with all CAN- and EtherCAT®-based CSM measurement modules. CSMconfig was integrated directly to ensure swift configuration.

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CSM INCA AddOn Program Interface


Fast and precise measurements with ETAS INCA: Both software complements CSM INCA AddOn CAN and CSM INCA AddOn ETH enable easy integration of the CSM measurement modules and the ECM exhaust measurement modules in the measurement and calibration software INCA from ETAS.

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Software CSMconfig

Logo CSMconfig

Swift configuration of measurement chains: CSMconfig is the reliable configuration software for all CAN and EtherCAT® based measurement modules from CSM. The clearly arranged and easy-to-use user interface allows an easy setting of all measurement parameters. This helps speeding up the measurement setup considerably.

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Software CSMuniconf

Logo CSMuniconf

CSMuniconf is the comprehensive software package for the configuration and management of the UniCAN 3 data loggers.

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Software CSMdataconv

Logo CSMdataconv

The server-based software CSMdataconv has been developed for the automatic processing and conversion of recorded measurement data.

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