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Updated information on CSM products, trade fairs and events.

Neuer Anwendungsfall:Messen von mechanischen Belastungen an einem solarbetriebenen Fahrzeug

New CSM PAK AddOn available

Easy and fast transfer of CSM measurement data into Müller-BBM PAK software

For the uncomplicated integration of our measurement modules into a Müller-BBM measurement setup, we have developed the CSM PAK AddOn.

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New use case: Measuring mechanical loads on a solar-powered test vehicle

Measuring mechanical loads on a solar-powered test vehicle

New use case

For the development of a solar-powered passenger car test vehicle, measurements of the mechanical load as well as the electrical power of the drive train were necessary.

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New HV Split Breakout Module

HV-safe current and voltage measurement in confined spaces

The new HV SBM_I/U 10 A / 50 A allows safe and precise measurement of current and voltage in HV power cables with small cable diameter.

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CSM Xplained Web Seminars April - September 2023

CSM Xplained

New Web Seminars for 2023

New year, new topics: We have again prepared exciting web seminars for you!

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CSMconfig V9.4.0

CSMconfig Release Version V9.4.0

The new version of CSMconfig is now available.

You can download the configuration software for all CSM measurement modules in our download section.

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NVH and High-voltage Measurement Technology in Mobile Testing

High-voltage Measurement Technology and NVH in Mobile Testing

New application example

With synchronous acquisition of NVH and performance data on the powertrain, combined analysis can be performed.

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