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Temperature Measurements
Temperature Measurements

Temperature Measurements

Temperature measurements play an important role in all development phases: from individual components up to the complete system. Temperatures are always an important factor in further increasing efficiency and driving comfort. Proven for years, CSM thermal measurement modules enable efficient temperature measurements in the entire vehicle in all development stages. CSM’s temperature measurement modules are ideal for use in the lab or in the field for mobile tests in the vehicle. With CSM temperature modules all common sensors like type K, type J or type T thermocouples as well as PT100 and PT1000 sensors can be used.


An intelligent thermal management system is essential for the efficiency and longevity of electric and hybrid vehicle subsystems. HV Batteries, inverters, motors, and cooling components must run optimally to reduce energy consumption and increase vehicle range per charge. To achieve this, the cooling circuits, which previously operated separately, are combined in a coolant- and refrigerant-based circuit and with additional control systems stable temperature ranges are achieved in the components.

Another problem area is the well-being of passengers: the electric powertrain in electric vehicles (or in hybrid vehicles when driving electrically) produces significantly less waste heat than a classic combustion engine, which could be used as heat for air conditioning the interior. In order to provide passengers with the comfort they are accustomed to, additional heaters and coolers are necessary, but they also put additional strain on the battery and have an effect on performance and range.

A sophisticated thermal management is an important factor in the development of modern electric and hybrid vehicles and offers numerous areas for optimization. Temperature measurements are a continuous task in all phases of development and with CSM thermal measurement modules the measurements can easily be carried out. Temperatures can be precisely measured at many different points, and the compact design of the measurement modules allows space-saving installation.

As with all CSM measurement modules, the standard temperature measurement modules can be flexibly combined with high-voltage safe measurement modules. Further information on temperature measurements within high-voltage components, such as electric motors and batteries, can be found here.

Combined cooling circuits in an electric vehicle
A combined cooling circuit ensures the optimum temperature range for the high-voltage battery

Single Components and Systems

Temperature measurement points in the engine compartment
Temperatures must be checked at many points in the engine compartment in order to optimally design the system.
Air conditioning of the vehicle interior
The temperature in the interior does not only serve the well-being: It is essential for safety.

Temperature distribution plays an important part in the development of individual components. During the development of fuel tank modules, for example, the distribution of fuel temperature is determined to prevent hot spots from forming in the tank, which affect the tank’s durability. These measurements can also indicate where cooling is required, for example the return flow of heated fuel from common rail systems.

In a further step, entire systems must also be optimized. Particularly in the powertrain and exhaust system, temperatures have a direct impact on performance and must not exceed certain limits. But safety aspects are also important: For example, the temperature distribution in the passenger compartment is not only for the driver's well-being, but also affects his ability to concentrate. The aim here is to achieve a well-adjusted temperature distribution in the passenger compartment - with minimum energy input. Temperature measurements are the starting point for further optimizing the system.

On the test bench and in mobile road tests, CSM temperature measurement modules can be used to precisely acquire the necessary temperature data for optimum design of individual components. When designing and adjusting the entire system, often hundreds Of temperature measurements must be taken - this is also simple with the temperature measurement modules. CSM measurement technology is easily scalable and brings further advantages by integrating TEDS: Configuration can be automated and errors avoided by means of electronic identification.

Long-Term Tests in Harsh Conditions

Before series production is approved, new developments are put through their paces - in harsh conditions in summer and winter testing or in customer-oriented durability testing. The measurement technology must be robust and allow a space-saving installation. CSM's temperature measurement modules meet these requirements and provide precise measurement results. There are multiple possible applications: Temperatures are measured in air conditioning and heating systems, engine compartments, brakes, control units, transmissions... and also in smaller components such as headlights. For a subsequent reproduction of field abnormalities, a lot of measurement data must be collected in order to simulate the condition that led to an error. CSM offers reliable data loggers for the mobile recording of measurement data.

For larger fleet tests with many temperature measurement modules, a configuration with CSMconfig is useful, as a measuring point diagram for many similar measuring setups can be quickly configured here. TEDS-capable sensors can also be easily configured with this.

Fleet testing in winter
Made for demanding use under adverse conditions: CSM measurement modules.

CSM Temperature Measurement Modules

The temperature measurement modules from CSM enable a variety of temperature measurements throughout the vehicle. Thanks to the robust and compact design, they can be installed close to the sensor directly in the engine compartment or in the trunk. For long-term tests in the passenger compartment, the modules can also be installed hidden under seats or in the glove compartment. This reduces the interference factor for driver and passenger.

Compact installation of temperature measurement modules
CSM temperature measurement modules can be installed in a minimum of space.

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