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Use Cases
Use Cases

Powertrain Validation in Forklifts

Validation testing is often needed when extensive design updates are made to the vehicle system. In these cases, all important vehicle parameters are tested under a wide range of operating conditions. The following example shows how such tests are performed on forklifts that incorporated new engine options.

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Vehicle manufacturers are constantly developing their products in order to offer the benefits of the latest innovations to their customers. The forklift manufacturer, Linde Material Handling, integrated new gas and diesel engines into the latest generation of forklifts for load capacities up to 2,000 kg and up to 5,000 kg. The necessary design adjustments for the engine integration and subsequent functional validation were contracted to the engineering service provider EDAG Engineering.

Fot the integration of the new enginges, changes had to be made to the hose routing and the electrical system. The comprehensive functional validation of the overall system is intended to ensure that the requirements for type approval (ECE homologation) are met. Without a successful verification, approval for production of the new generation of forklifts will not be granted.

Measurement task

Measurement of temperature, pressure, flow rate, current and voltage, for type approval after successful engine integration.

Forklift on a street in the Alps
Forklift during high altitude testing in the Alps
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In order to validate the performance of the system, numerous tests are carried out under a wide range of conditions, such as in a climatic chamber, at high altitude in the Alps, and also on the EDAG test track. Various performance characteristics were measured:

  • pressures in the fuel and cooling systems
  • currents and voltages of the battery and the starter
  • flow rates in the cooling circuit
  • temperatures at numerous locations throughout the engine compartment

The EDAG team needed a measurement system that was flexible and scalable in multiple ways. Due to the large number and different types of tests to be performed, the measurement system had to be capable of being rapidly moved and re-used from one test to another. In addition, the measurement technology needed to be robust and compact in order to be installed within the limited space available in a forklift.

The system needed to obtain data from ECUs simultaneously via the CAN bus.

Forklifts in the EDAG Test Center
Two forklifts are prepared for the validation testing
Forklift on the EDAG test track
Forklift on the EDAG test track
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The CSM-Solution

  • Suitable standard sensors are used to measure pressures, flow rates, currents and voltages. The output signals are acquired by AD8 pro MC2 measurement modules. These also supply the sensors with the required excitation voltage.
  • K-type thermocouples acquire the temperature values at the relevant points in the engine compartment. The temperature measurement modules TH16 pro record the temperature data. With their internal cold junction compensation these measurement modules offer high accuracy over the entire temperature range and thus ensure very accurate measuring results.
  • Using a Vector Informatik Network Interface VN1640, additional data from the ECUs is acquired synchronously.
  • A data logger UniCAN 3 is used to record the collected data for subsequent analysis.
  • The measured values are checked directly on a tablet using the Vector Informatik software CANape.
Measurement modules installed in a forklift
The measurement modules can even be installed in the limited space available on forklifts.
Measurement modules installed in the driver's cab
The measurement modules are fixed on a mounting plate behind the driver's seat.
Temperature measurement points in the engine compartment
Many temperatures in the engine compartment are measured with K-type thermocouples.
Pressure sensor
Suitable standard sensors are used to measure pressures in the cooling system.
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With the Vector-CSM measurement system, functional verification can be carried out quickly and easily after new engine integration. An additional advantage is the simple integration of data from the ECUs.

We particularly liked the compact size and flexibility of the measurement technology products from CSM, which allows for easy scalability. It is also very helpful for us that the modules can be networked via the CAN bus and are easily integrated into the Vector Informatik software that we use.

Thomas Schenk - Team Leader GFA - NVH - Measurement Technology, EDAG Engineering GmbH

We would like to thank the EDAG team for the good cooperation in this project.

Powertrain Validation in E-Mobility Measurement System
Presentation of the powertrain validation in the systematics of the Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System


Here you find the complete application example for download as PDF.

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