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Questions and answers on our software INCA AddOn CAN/ETH.

Where can I download the INCA AddOn CAN/ETH?

The CSM INCA AddOns are licensed software. If you do not yet have a license, please contact your personal account manager or

If you already have a license and are only looking for the installation package, please contact your personal account manager or CSM Service and Support.

Which interfaces are supported by the CSM INCA AddOn CAN?

The integration of the CAN interfaces into CSM INCA AddOn CAN is based on the BOA driver library of INCA.
This supports all CAN interfaces which are also supported by the BOA installation on your PC. Additionally, ETAS CAN interfaces can be used.

For a complete list of all supported CAN interfaces of your BOA driver library, please contact ETAS.

Is it possible to use the XCP gateway on ETAS hardware (e.g. 593.1) without BOA driver?

The Ethernet interfaces of the ETAS hardware behave practically like an Ethernet switch and forward the measurement data to the measuring computer. Using the XCP gateway on the ETAS hardware is therefore possible without any problems even without an installed BOA driver.

Nevertheless, the following must be observed:

  • The IP address of the gateway and the network card used to connect the ETAS hardware must match.
  • The gateway is connected via the K405-xxx from CSM.
  • The connected measuring modules do not have to be supplied separately. This is done via the ETAS hardware.

Can I install and use the INCA AddOn CAN and AddOn ETH at the same time?

The AddOns behave like AddOns from different manufacturers. Therefore it is possible to install and use them at the same time.

The AddOn CAN is started via the respective ETAS interface, the AddOn ETH via the Ethernet interface.

How to use the Vector Ethernet interfaces (e.g. VX0312, VN5640) with INCA and the EtherCAT measurement technology from CSM?

The Vector Ethernet interfaces (e.g. VX0312, VN5640) are treated in INCA like an USB-to-Ethernet adapter. The interfaces are therefore not found via the hardware search, but must be created manually as an Ethernet system.

The CSM INCA AddOn is then automatically called via the external hardware search and the connected gateway and the measuring modules are searched. The measurement modules are then configured in the INCA AddOn.

How is the EtherCAT CSM measurement technology integrated into INCA using the INCA AddOn ETH?

The CSM measurement modules are integrated in the INCA hardware environment. Select the Ethernet system via the menu item "Insert" and integrate the XCP gateway.
(Settings for the IP addresses are to be executed via the target server)

The connected measuring modules can be found via the external hardware search or directly in the AddOn. The measurement modules are configured exclusively in the AddOn. Before starting the measurement, the entire measurement setup must be initialized in INCA.

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