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Frequently asked questions about UniCAN data loggers.

What happens when the memory card is full?

Channel and message groups can be designed as a linear buffer ("Linear") or as a circular buffer ("Circular"). Depending on this, the memory management of the logger behaves as follows:

  • Linear recording buffer: The recording of the logger stops as soon as the memory space of the CF card is full.
  • Circular recording buffer: The memory of the CF card is written in a ring. This means that when the memory of the CF card is full, the oldest data is overwritten with the new data.

(you may reduce the size of the buffer per recording group)

Is it possible to connect and disconnect terminal 15 and continuous plus simultaneously to start/stop without any disadvantages?

Simultaneous disconnection of ignition- and supply-cable is possible, but the following points must be observed:

  • DNV (data postprocessing) does not work with segmentation "ignition", better would be the segmentation selection "battery on/off".
  • Mobile transfer must be set to periodic or at startup (in other modes the UniCAN has no power connection).
  • It is possible that the card never becomes completely empty during mobile transmission, so that a new configuration is never adopted (at least if "delayed" is used).

How many channel groups/message groups can be created?

A selection of channels can be combined in a channel group. For this purpose, signals from signal sources are combined and inserted into a channel group by means of drag & drop into the directory structure of "Channel groups". A total of up to eight channel groups can be created.

Message groups record the data of CAN messages as binary data received at the CAN input. In order to simplify the evaluation and to limit the data volume, filters can be defined that only allow data for certain ID groups to pass through. A total of up to eight message groups can be created.

Deleting a channel from a channel group does not work.

It is only possible to delete a channel group if no channel in the group is assigned to a condition.

If it is not possible to delete the selected channel, please check whether channels are assigned to conditions. If so remove the corresponding channel from the condition. Then it should be possible to delete the channel again.

How many CAN messages can I send with CAN Stim?

CANstim is an additional firmware option of the data logger. This firmware option enables Stimulation groups to be defined, which enable an initial, periodic and final transmission of constant message sequences via CAN bus when a trigger is activated. A maximum of 512 CAN messages can be sent periodically across all stimulation groups.

Further information on the stimulation groups can be found in the UniCAN user manual in chapter Transmission groups.

The number of firmware options can be extended even after logger purchase. Please contact your personal customer advisor or for further information.

How can I find out from the SOM file how much space is available for measurement data?

In a configuration with UMTS/LTE transmission, the SOM file is transferred to the server each time the logger is started. The two marked codes indicate how much space is available for the measurement data.

  • PS (Partition Size): Partition size, i.e. entire container size in number of clusters (4 kB per cluster)
  • FC (Free Cluster): Number of free clusters, i.e. the free area in the container in number Cluster (4 kB per cluster)

Further information about the SOM file can be found in the UniCAN user manual in chapter 10.5 Contents of the SOM file.

Screenshot SOM-Datei
Screenshot SOM-Datei

Is it possible to restore a measurement configuration from the CF card?

A deleted measurement configuration can not be restored from the CF card. On the CF-card there is stored only a reduced measurement configuration in binary format. The binary setup contains just enough information to record the data.

As the user, please make sure that you saved your measurement configuration or the entire project and create backups of the respective measurement configuration.