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Measure Digital Signals
Digital signals

Measurement of Digital Signals

The optimisation of processes in the compustion or electrical engine, the clutch and further components of the powertrain help to improve the performance and the smooth running of an engine and to reduce its emissions. In this respect, the smooth interaction of sensors, control units and actuators in different operating states is a key element since it ensures a flexible control of the individual components; regardless of whether it involves model-specific starting and gear shift operations or the appropriate use of a fan for effective engine cooling.

Easy acquisition of digital signals

The acquisition of digital signals, such as rotational speed, frequency, pulse width, period duration, duty cycle etc., is hereby essential. CSM has developed the CAN-based CNTMM measurement module for the precise acquisition of all these signals, e.g. frequencies up to 300 kHz and speeds up to 60000 rpm. It can be directly adjusted to the individual digital measured quantity. Thanks to its compact size and robust housing with protection class IP67, it can be installed everywhere in the vehicle, thus enabling a compact measurement setup.