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Current and voltage measurements on electrical consumers in vehicle power supply systems

The number of electrical and electronic components in vehicles is steadily rising. In order to provide an efficient design of vehicle electronics and electrical systems, precise measurements of current and voltage are essential.

It is important to test current and voltage curves under real operating conditions, already in the development phase. Only then an effective energy management and thus an optimal operation of the vehicle is possible. This includes, for example, a safe interaction of the individual sensors, actuators and electronic control units in operating and stand-by periods. CSM provides compact and robust measurement modules and shunts for precise current and voltage measurements in decentralised measurement applications during driving tests.

Thanks to the protection class IP67, the compact design and the wide operating temperature range from -40 °C to +125 °C, these modules are ideally suited for harsh environment conditions. They can be mounted directly in the engine compartment and thus close to the points of measurement which allows precise measurements with almost no interference. In addition, measurement modules and shunts, on account of their low intrinsic heat generation, offer a high measurement accuracy over the entire ambient temperature range.



Voltage measurement with AD-MiniModules
Voltage measurement with AD-MiniModules directly in the engine compartment.

CAN AD MiniModules classic / pro / pro2 / CXS / BNC

Allround measurement modules for sensors with analog voltage outputs: CSM’s AD MiniModules (ADMM) offer a wide range of applications for measuring analogue signals (voltage, current, pressure, flow rate, etc.).

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AD4 OG ECAT MiniModul-Series

AD4 ECAT MM Series

Type AD4 pro, Type IG100 | IG1000 and Type OG10 | OG100 | OG1000

Designed for the acquisition of fast analog signals in distributed measurements applied in the fields of automotive measurement technology. High-precision bipolar sensor excitation allows the use of a wide range of standard sensors.

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