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Use Cases
Use Cases

Measurement Technology for the Analysis of Electrified Engines

In order to further optimize efficiency and driving comfort, automobile manufacturers are using integrated starter generators (ISG) in mild hybrid vehicles. Fast current and voltage measurements are crucial for the optimal application of this technology. CSM offers the suitable measurement technology to perform measurements with high data rate and also in mobile testing.

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In mild hybrid vehicles, powerful starter generators are used between the combustion engine and the transmission, taking over the functions of the classic starter and alternator. They are capable of accelerating the combustion engine as well as feeding electrical energy recovered via recuperation back into the vehicle battery. Especially during the starting process, currents must be measured at the input for the optimal design of the ISG.

Measurement task

Current measurement for optimizing the integrated starter generator.

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Currents of up to 300 A flow in the 48 V vehicle electrical system, which can be much higher for a short time during starting. These peaks also have to be recorded with a high resolution, which means that the measurement technology used must above all allow high data rates and installation for mobile measurements.

Comparison of measurement results and sensor data
The comparison of the measurement results of the sensor package (green curve) with the integrated sensor (white curve) clearly shows the difference in resolution.
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The CSM Measurement Solution

  • A LEM sensor package is used on the lines between the 48 Volt battery and the ISG inverter, which offers a measurement range of ±500 A and a bandwidth of up to 200 kHz. This means that even the current peaks that occur can be acquired with high resolution.
  • A measurement module AD4 MM type IG1000 acquires the data of the LEM sensor package.
  • The protocol converter XCP-Gateway converts the data into the common XCP-on-Ethernet protocoll and serves as an interface to the data acquisition software. In this case vMeasure from Vector Informatik is used.
Current Measurement in E-Mobility Measurement System
Presentation of the current measurement in the systematics of the Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System
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With the high sampling rate, the joint solution of CSM measurement modules and Vector software allows a precise analysis of the current peaks that occur and of the power. Vector CANape makes it easy to integrate additional measurement data from ECUs, for example, into the measurement.

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The protocol converter for EtherCAT® and CAN to XCP-on-Ethernet

XCP-Gateway is the interface between the data acquisition software (e. g. vMeasure, CANape®, INCA®, Vision® ...) and the EtherCAT® measurement modules from CSM. It includes an EtherCAT® master and an XCP-on-Ethernet slave.

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LEM LF 310-S sensor package

LEM Sensor Packages

Fast and synchronous current measurement

Hall-effect-based measurement of highly dynamic currents under harsh environmental conditions: the LEM-sensor packages are optimized for connection to our AD4 ECAT modules.

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AD4 OG ECAT MiniModul-Series

AD4 ECAT MM Series

Easy measurement of fast analog signals

AD4 pro Type IG100 | IG1000, AD4 Type IG100 | IG1000 and AD4 Type OG100 | OG1000

Designed for the acquisition of fast analog signals in distributed measurements applied in the fields of automotive measurement technology.

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E-Mobility Measurement System

The Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System

The measurement system for the development of electric mobility
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vMeasure exp


Reliably Solving Complex Measurement Tasks

vMeasure, developed by Vector Informatik, is an easy-to-use software tool for the acquisition and analysis of measurement data that can be used in combination with all CAN- and EtherCAT®-based CSM measurement modules. CSMconfig was integrated directly to ensure swift configuration.

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Software CSMconfig

Logo CSMconfig

Swift configuration of measurement chains: CSMconfig is the reliable configuration software for all CAN and EtherCAT® based measurement modules from CSM. The clearly arranged and easy-to-use user interface allows an easy setting of all measurement parameters. This helps speeding up the measurement setup considerably.

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