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Highly accurate everywhere Highly accurate everywhere

Flexible, precise and reliable measurement technology

Extremely robust, compact, efficient and highly accurate over the entire operating temperature range: These are the outstanding features, characterizing CSM’s measurement modules. We have been setting technological standards for many years now, particularly in the field of distributed measurement technology. To this aim, CSM makes use of various technical concepts. CAN measurement modules have proven themselves for more than 15 years. CSM’s CAN measurement modules are in continuous operation worldwide and ensure an uncomplicated measuring of temperatures, voltages, mechanical strain, rotational speed, etc.

Measurement applications requiring higher bandwidths also need a rapid communication medium with a higher data throughput, such as that provided by CAN bus technology. CSM relies on Ethernet in conjunction with EtherCAT® and XCP-on-Ethernet. EtherCAT® is an established protocol for fast and synchronous measurements in the field of test bench measurement technology. XCP-on-Ethernet is the standard protocol used for control units in the field of automotive technology. EtherCAT® MiniModules from CSM thus allow synchronized high-speed measurements with measurement data rates of up to 1 MHz per channel.

Product range

Software for configuration, measurement and visualization

With the vMeasure and CSMconfig (hitherto xx-Scan Config), CSM offers software solutions from the module configuration, through to the visualisation of the measurement data. CSM measurement modules can also be integrated in third-party software, such as CANape®, INCA®, DiagRA®, DIAdem®, and MLab® etc.


This protocol converter is the interface between the data acquisition software and the EtherCAT® measurement modules (optionally also for CAN modules) from CSM: From the software’s perspective, the XCP-Gateway serves as an XCP-on-Ethernet control unit with an A2L description file. It assigns extremely precise time stamps and is highly efficient and synchronous.

ECAT measurement modules

Ideal for distributed and synchronous measurements: e.g. for multi-channel applications with up to 1,000 strain gauge / acceleration transducers and applications with measurement data rates of up to 1 MHz per channel. Module design and properties (like the robustness) is compatible to CAN-based MiniModules.

CAN measurement modules

Long-proven, robust and very precise in an operating temperature range from -40 °C to +125 °C: Safe and straightforward measurement of voltages, speed, temperatures, mechanical strain, etc. Ideally suited for distributed measurement applications in road tests and in test benches due to protection class IP67 and extremely compact housings.

High-voltage measurement modules

Measurements on high-voltage components with certified safety – from the sensor up to the user: High-voltage measurement modules for measuring temperatures (K-type thermocouples and PT100 / PT1000 sensors) and analog voltages; available in MiniModule-compatible housings and in 19'' slide-in housings.

Exhaust measurement modules

CAN measurement modules and analyzers for Lambda, NOx, O2 and NH3 from ECM: ECM is the US market leader for robust and precise exhaust measurement technology in vehicles and test benches. CSM has integrated the modules into its own product portfolio.

Data loggers

Reliable recording of measurement data and transmission via wireless modem – at any time and everywhere: This is what UniCAN 2 data loggers from CSM offer. Optimized for professional use.