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CSM Xplained

The web seminars about measurement technology in e-mobility

In regular web seminars, our measurement technology experts explain the challenges of measuring in electromobility and show how these can be solved in a practical way.

  • For optimal use of the webinar platform, we currently recommend the use of the Internet browser Chrome.
  • Duration of the presentation: approx. 30 minutes
  • Subsequent discussion with our experts

On request, we can also develop individual offers in which we can specifically address your areas of application and questions. Just get in touch with us.

  • Free registration and attendance
  • All web seminars are browser-based. No further installations necessary (An HTML5-capable Internet browser is required. For further information on technical requirements, please refer to the provider of the web seminar platform.)
  • 100% Privacy

Upcoming web seminars

Vector Smart Logger - The Intelligent Logging Solution for E-Mobility and ADAS Developments

2023-02-01 / 10:00 am CET

Speaker: Boris Ruoff (Vector Informatik)

When developing vehicle systems, engineers from development and validation often work on the same test vehicle. However, their working methods differ fundamentally. In development, the focus is on ad-hoc investigations with an interactive character. In validation on the other hand, preconfigured measurement jobs are recorded autonomously over several test drives. Up to now, different tools have been used: a computer-based measurement system and a specialized fleet logger. In practice, this always means set-up time - i.e. reconnecting when changing the mode of operation - and also doubled maintenance effort for the configurations.

Vector Smart Logger overcome these hurdles and offer a system that can be operated both interactively and autonomously. This significantly reduces setup time and configuration effort.

Beyond that, you benefit from a significantly higher range of functions compared to classic fleet loggers. Signals from vehicle ECUs and buses, radar, LIDAR, cameras, analog measurement technology as well as online calculations, e.g. of the eMobilityAnalyzer, can be recorded synchronously. Complex system interactions can be investigated holistically.

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Measure accurately, analyse efficiently and manage professionally measurement results (of the electric powertrain)

2023-03-01 / 10:00 am CET

Speaker: Christoph Heller (Vector Informatik)

vMDM (Vector Measurement Data Management) is the cloud solution for efficiently managing large amounts of data from development, test benches and drive tests.

A comprehensive function library, precise algorithms for calculating characteristic variables, and modern cloud technologies enable fast and meaningful analysis of the variables in electrical components, drives, and vehicle electrical systems that are precisely and time-synchronously recorded using CSM measurement technology.

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High-voltage- and NVH-Measurements in Electric Vehicles

2023-03-29 / 10:00 am CET

Speaker: Johann Mathä

The electrification of the vehicle powertrain poses major challenges for the interaction of the individual components. In order to optimize both - the acoustics and the performance of electric vehicles, High-voltage and NVH measurement data must be acquired synchronously.

In this web seminar we show the problem in the acoustics of electric vehicles and the solutions for eMobility and NVH analysis:

  • Challenges in electric vehicle acoustics
  • Synchronous acquisition of NVH and power data on the powertrain
  • Correlation of NVH and power analyses

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