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CSM Xplained

The web seminars about measurement technology in e-mobility

In regular web seminars, our measurement technology experts explain the challenges of measuring in electromobility and show how these can be solved in a practical way.

  • For optimal use of the webinar platform, we currently recommend the use of the Internet browser Chrome.
  • Duration of the presentation: approx. 30 minutes
  • Subsequent discussion with our experts

On request, we can also develop individual offers in which we can specifically address your areas of application and questions. Just get in touch with us.

  • Free registration and attendance
  • All web seminars are browser-based. No further installations necessary (An HTML5-capable Internet browser is required. For further information on technical requirements, please refer to the provider of the web seminar platform.)
  • 100% Privacy

Upcoming web seminars

Recording, but secure - Aspects of security in data logging

2023-07-05 / 10:00 am CEST

Speaker: David Löw

When recording measurement data in fleet testing, the security of your data plays an essential role. An overall system that works reliably and at the same time protects data sources and recordings from unauthorized access, is required. In this episode of Xplained, we show you how this can be implemented with our system.

Key points of the web seminar:

  • How can you ensure that measurement recording is performed reliably and correctly?
  • To what extent is your recorded data safe from "data theft"?
  • How is your measurement data transmitted completely, error-free and tap-proof?

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Autonomous power measurement in road tests and on the test bench

2023-09-20 / 10:00 am CEST

Speaker: Timo Eich

The testing of electric drive systems requires a wide range of measurements and analyses of electrical power in the most varied degrees of detail. Depending on the application, extensive analyses including efficiency determinations may be necessary for the optimization of e-axles - while other contexts, such as the determination of consumption values, tend to benefit from independently performed power measurements.

In this web seminar, we will show how DC and AC power measurements can be performed completely autonomously using the new calculation functions of the HV Breakout Modules.

You will learn in a compact 25 minutes:

  • What the different requirements are for power measurement and power analysis.
  • When power measurements in combination with compact data loggers are advantageous in road tests.
  • Why independent power measurements with black box systems can also be useful on the test bench.
  • What advantages a modular, scalable and expandable measurement system offers.

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