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CSM Xplained

The web seminars about measurement technology in e-mobility

In regular web seminars, our measurement technology experts explain the challenges of measuring in electromobility and show how these can be solved in a practical way.

  • For optimal use of the webinar platform, we currently recommend the use of the Internet browser Chrome.
  • Duration of the presentation: approx. 30 minutes
  • Subsequent discussion with our experts

On request, we can also develop individual offers in which we can specifically address your areas of application and questions. Just get in touch with us.

  • Free registration and attendance
  • All web seminars are browser-based. No further installations necessary (An HTML5-capable Internet browser is required. For further information on technical requirements, please refer to the provider of the web seminar platform.)
  • 100% Privacy

Upcoming web seminars

Efficient use of time and budget with modular measurement data acquisition

2023-11-15 / 10:00 am CET

Speaker: Timo Eich

Global competition, time pressure due to shortened development cycles and rising costs in the areas of materials, energy and staff - these are the challenges currently facing the automotive industry. To overcome them, a flexible and cost-efficient measurement system is needed that provides vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and engineering service providers with a tool for vehicle development of electric and hybrid vehicles of all kinds.

In this web seminar you will learn:

  • At which points in the measurement data processing are unnecessary time wasted and additional costs incurred.
  • How to maximize the efficiency and availability of your measurement equipment.
  • How to make even better economic use of test carriers.

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Testing of On-board Chargers and AC Charging Processes

2023-12-13 / 10:00 am CET

Speaker: Johann Mathä

Technological development in the field of on-board chargers (OBCs) is currently experiencing a push toward higher integration along with other power electronics of electric vehicles. On-board chargers in vehicles have to cope with different grid standards and charging networks worldwide. AC charging verification and OBC testing is therefore a particularly critical step for vehicle series release. The correlation and synchronization of measurement technology integrated in the vehicle with measurements outside the vehicle is also becoming increasingly important.

In this web seminar you will learn:

  • How are on-board chargers tested and AC charging processes verified?
  • How are mobile measurements are performed?
  • What power and efficiency analyses are important?
  • How CSM supports this development with the new HV BM 3.1 OBC breakout module and an airline-grade measurement case for measurements between charging station and electric vehicle.

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Benchmarking in E-Mobility - Measurement Applications, Efficient Solutions

2024-01-31 / 10:00 am CET

Speaker: Timo Eich

Benchmarking plays a major role in vehicle development. Vehicle manufacturers want to understand how competitors solve problems - service providers want to offer comprehensive and objective data sets that enable precisely these comparisons. To obtain this data and the resulting insights, robust and flexible measurement systems are required that can be used, for example, to implement a large number of measurement points for a wide range of measured variables in production vehicles in confined spaces.

In this web seminar, we will show you in a compact 25 minutes:

  • What challenges benchmarking typically pose for measurement system.
  • Which characteristics suitable measurement technology for low-voltage and high-voltage conditions should have for benchmarking.
  • How CSM implements a wide variety of applications in practice.

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