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Fast, flexible, and reliable measurements in any application

CSM offers measurement devices for many measurement applications. For over 35 years, we have been setting worldwide technological standards, particularly in the field of distributed measurement technology. Whether for mobile use in the vehicle during winter testing in northern Sweden, in the blistering heat of Death Valley, or in the test bench, CSM’s measurement modules are always present and deliver precise, reliable results.

Designed for distributed use in tight spaces throughout a vehicle, CSM measurement modules are known for their suitability for use, at very high operating temperatures, high ingress protection (IP) classes and an extremely compact design.

At the same time, they are impressive for their excellent technical specifications and outstanding accuracy. In addition, each measurement setup is simple and scalable without any additional tools, can be easily adapted to the measurement task, and is quickly installed and configured.

Latest Topics

High-voltage measurement

High-Voltage Measurements - Safe, fast and precise measurements with CSM

E-Mobility: Sicher messen an Hochvolt-Komponenten von Elektro- und Hybrid-Fahrzeugen Electric mobility is the future of transportation. The development of modern electric and hybrid vehicles poses new challenges for measurement technology. Not only must the measurement technology for eMobility match the traditional attributes of being accurate, mobile, and easy to use, it must also be safe for the users and the system. CSM high-voltage measurement technology ensures the safety of all measurement applications by means of a HV safe measurement chain from the sensor to the data acquisition.

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Application Fast and Synchronoues Measurements

Fast and Synchronous Measurement with EtherCAT®

The EtherCAT® measurement technology from CSM offers the highest measurement performance: e.g. for multi-channel applications with more than 1,000 strain gauges - / acceleration transducers and applications with measurement data rates of up to 1 MHz per channel. Manufacturers of measurement devices have to cope with continually increasing requirements. Thus, measurement devices have to acquire and process increasingly large amounts of data. The proven CAN measurement technology is hereby often pushed to its limits. This is why the EtherCAT® field bus is setting new standards regarding bandwidth, maximum number of channels and synchronicity of measurement signals.

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Fields of Application

Application Data Recording

Data Recording

Measurement data from various sources must be recorded in order to be able to evaluate them afterwards: Whether it is for pre-series testing or fleet monitoring. CSM data loggers meet the high demands that mobile use places on the device: reliable data recording under all conditions.

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Application Temperature Measurements

Temperature Measurements

Temperature measurements play an important role in all development phases: from individual components up to the complete system. Temperatures are always an important factor in further increasing efficiency and driving comfort. Proven for years, CSM thermal measurement modules enable efficient temperature measurements in the entire vehicle in all development stages. CSM’s temperature measurement modules are ideal for use in the lab or in the field for mobile tests in the vehicle. With CSM temperature modules all common sensors like type K, type J or type T thermocouples as well as PT100 and PT1000 sensors can be used.

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Applikation im Motorraum.

Measurement of Analog Voltage from Sensors

Numerous measurement variables in vehicle development and testing can be recorded with sensors that reproduce their respective measured variable as an analog voltage. For example, distance, pressure, flow rates, moisture, vibration and noise can be easily measured.

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Spannungsmessung im Motorraum

Current and Voltage Measurements

The number of electrical and electronic components in vehicles is constantly increasing. For an efficient design of vehicle electronics and electrics and the development of the vehicle electrical system, precise measurement of currents and voltages as well as power and energy consumption is therefore necessary.

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Application Measuring Mechanical Stress with Strain Gauges

Measuring Mechanical Stress with Strain Gauges

Measure mechanical stresses and forces in assemblies quickly and reliably: Strain and compression measurements with strain gauges provide precise results on the forces acting on assemblies for structural tests, fatigue strength measurements and product and material testing.

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Digitalsignale Messen

Measurement of Digital Signals

The optimisation of processes in the compustion or electrical engine, the clutch and further components of the powertrain help to improve the performance and the smooth running of an engine and to reduce its emissions. In this respect, the smooth interaction of sensors, control units and actuators in different operating states is a key element since it ensures a flexible control of the individual components; regardless of whether it involves model-specific starting and gear shift operations or the appropriate use of a fan for effective engine cooling.

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Exhaust measurement

Extensive Exhaust Gas Measurements for Emission Reduction Purposes

The reduction of emission values plays an essential role in the development of vehicles and industrial plants. In order to obtain meaningful measurement readings, CSM has expanded its measurement portfolio to include exhaust gas measurement modules from ECM.

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