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CSM Supply Unit HIOKI

Simple connection of HIOKI current sensors to CSM measurement technology

With the CSM Supply Unit HIOKI, HIOKI current sensors, e.g. current clamps, can be easily connected to CSM measurement technology for current measurements in 12 V /48 V vehicle electrical systems and HV environments. The supply unit provides the necessary supply voltage and allows direct connection to CSM measurement modules.


  • Easy integration of HIOKI current sensors in measurement setups with CSM measurement modules
  • Ready-to-connect solution for current measurements up to ±1,000 A
  • High flexibility due to quick connection or replacement of the current sensor
CSM Supply Unit HIOKI
CSM Supply Unit HIOKI


HIOKI current sensors used for current measurement are simply connected to the HIOKI supply unit via the existing connector (ME15W). Thanks to the plug connection, the sensors can be easily exchanged depending on the measurement task.

The necessary supply voltage for the current sensors is provided by the Supply Unit (voltage supply via banana plug) and enables direct connection to the sockets of the CSM ECAT AD measurement modules, e.g. AD4 pro IG1000. With several Supply Units up to four HIOKI current sensors can be connected to one ECAT AD measurement module. Four different measuring ranges are also possible.

Due to the robust housing with protection class IP65 and the wide operating temperature range, the CSM Supply Unit HIOKI can also be used in mobile applications, e.g. in road tests.

The CSM Current Clamps are available as a pre-assembled and ready-to-connect solution.

Technical Data

Type designation CSM Supply Unit HIOKI
Power supply Externally via UBat of the vehcile with active reverse polarity protection
Minimum 10 V DC (-10 %)
Maximum 32 V DC (+10 %)
Output voltage ±12 V
Recommended measurement range ±5 V (AD4 pro IG1000 measurement module)
Input (to current sensor) ME15W socket
Power supply Banana plugs
Output (to measurement module) LEMO 1B 8-pole, code G
Cable lenghts
To power supply 1.5 m
To measurement module 0.75 m
Operating temperature range -40 °C to +85 °C
Protection class IP65
Dimensions (W × H × D) approx. 111 × 60 × 31 mm
CSM Supply Unit HIOKI connector side
CSM Supply Unit HIOKI connector side
CSM Supply Unit HIOKI top view
CSM Supply Unit HIOKI top view
CSM Supply Unit HIOKI with connected current clamp
CSM Supply Unit HIOKI with connected current clamp (not included in delivery)


The CSM Supply Unit HIOKI allows fast and uncomplicated current measurements with HIOKI current sensors, e.g. HIOKI current clamps. This allows currents to be measured both in 12 V / 48 V vehicle electrical systems and in HV vehicle electrical systems.

If the voltage is additionally measured with measurement modules of the CSM AD4 ECAT MiniModule series, power calculations can also be performed with the Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System.



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