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Use Cases
Use Cases

Measurement Technology for the Analysis of Highly Dynamic Currents

To further minimize fuel consumption, the fuel supply must also be regulated according to demand. The recording of current curves on the fuel pump control unit over a long period of time is intended to verify whether its fuse is correctly dimensioned. In the following application report you will learn how such a measurement can be carried out easily and how the advantages of CAN and EtherCAT-based measurement modules can be combined.

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Diesel fuel pumps can be operated with three-phase alternating current and controlled by a separate control unit. In this use case the control unit uses a pulse width modulated signal (PWM signal) with a basic frequency of 16 kHz. In addition, the control unit is protected by its own fuse, as currents of up to 25 A can flow via the PWM output. The dimension of this fuse must be checked in road tests under different climatic conditions.

Measurement task

Current measurement to check the appropriate size of a control unit fuse.

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The viscosity of the fuel used determines the required current of the fuel pump and thus also under which conditions the fuse of the control unit is overloaded. Ambient and fuel temperature as well as the resulting deposits influence the flow properties of the fuel and these parameters can best be simulated in road tests. The PWM signal places additional demands on the measurement technology: An oversampling with sampling frequencies in the three-digit kHz range was used in order to accurately detect even peak currents.

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The CSM Measurement Solution

  • With LEM Sensor Packages the current is measured in the three phases from the control unit to the fuel pump and in the supply line of the control unit. The Hall-effect based current sensors of the sensor packages offer bandwidths of up to 200 kHz, thus meeting the requirement for the detection of short-term current peaks.
  • A measurement module AD4 MM type IG1000 acquires the data of the LEM sensor packages with a measurement data rate up to 1 MHz.
  • A temperature measurement module TH16 pro additionally measures the surface temperature of the control unit and the interior temperature of the vehicle.
  • Both measurement modules are connected to a protocol converter XCP-Gateway pro, which passes the data on to the DAQ. For data evaluation ETAS INCA with the CSM INCA AddOn ETH is used. Alternatively vMeasure or CANape from Vector Informatik can be used.
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A particular advantage is the simple integration of fast EtherCAT measurement modules into existing CAN-based measurement setups via the XCP-Gateway pro. In this way, additional data from other measurement modules can be acquired synchronously. ETAS INCA can also be used to process data from integrated ECUs.

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The protocol converter for EtherCAT® and CAN to XCP-on-Ethernet

XCP-Gateway is the interface between the data acquisition software (e. g. vMeasure, CANape®, INCA®, Vision® ...) and the EtherCAT® measurement modules from CSM. It includes an EtherCAT® master and an XCP-on-Ethernet slave.

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LEM LF 310-S sensor package

LEM Sensor Packages

Fast and synchronous current measurement

Hall-effect-based measurement of highly dynamic currents under harsh environmental conditions: the LEM-sensor packages are optimized for connection to our AD4 ECAT modules.

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CAN TH MiniModules

Temperature measurements with K-, J- and T-type thermocouples

CSM’s Thermo MiniModules allow precise distributed temperature measurements with K-, J- and T-type thermocouples: ideal for measurements in the powertrain, on HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) components, in the vehicle interior, the powertrain development and many more.

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AD4 OG ECAT MiniModul-Series

AD4 ECAT MM Series

Easy measurement of fast analog signals

AD4 pro Type IG100 | IG1000, AD4 Type IG100 | IG1000 and AD4 Type OG100 | OG1000

Designed for the acquisition of fast analog signals in distributed measurements applied in the fields of automotive measurement technology.

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CSM INCA AddOn Program Interface


Fast and precise measurements with ETAS INCA: Both software complements CSM INCA AddOn CAN and CSM INCA AddOn ETH enable easy integration of the CSM measurement modules and the ECM exhaust measurement modules in the measurement and calibration software INCA from ETAS.

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Software CSMconfig

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Swift configuration of measurement chains: CSMconfig is the reliable configuration software for all CAN and EtherCAT® based measurement modules from CSM. The clearly arranged and easy-to-use user interface allows an easy setting of all measurement parameters. This helps speeding up the measurement setup considerably.

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