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Use Cases
Use Cases

Measurement Technology in the Formula E

Motorsport places the toughest demands on man and machine; and also on the measurement technology that is indispensable for development. ABT Sportsline, together with Audi and Schaeffler, has used CSM's measurement technology in Formula E to obtain precise data during the development and testing of the racing cars. Find out in the following application report where CSM measurement technology was used.

Formel E racing car
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After an extremely successful 2014/2015 season, ABT Sportsline used CSM measurement technology for the development of the purely electrically driven racing cars during all official test drives. Thereby different measurement variables had to be recorded.

Measurement task

Measurement of accelerations, strains, flow rates and temperatures, for the further development of a Formula E racing car.

Formel E racing car in race
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The available space for measurement modules in racing cars was naturally limited and the measurement technology had to withstand harsh conditions (for example, high temperatures, moisture from splash water and centrifugal forces). Furthermore, a wide variety of measurement variables had to be recorded synchronously: accelerations, strains, flow rates and temperatures. These variables could vary from test drive to test drive and the conversion should be as simple as possible.

Icon Solution

The CSM Measurement Solution

  • Several measurement modules CAN AD8 pro MC2 were used for the desired measurements. This allows standard sensors to be easily applied and a large number of the desired measurement variables to be acquired.
  • These measurement modules were supplemented by modules for measurement with strain gauges CAN STG6 BK10 and temperatures with PT temperature sensors CAN PTMM  4.
  • During the test drive, all the measurement data collected was recorded via the vehicle's own control unit.
  • In the test bench a UniCAN data logger was used for data recording.
Race car in workshop
In the Formula-E racing car there was a confined space for additional measurement technology.
Measurement technology on battery block
The measurement technology was installed on the battery block.
Minimodule in compact block
Compact and robust: The measurement modules fit almost anywhere.
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The advantages of this measurement system were especially the easy adaptation of the system by adding further measurement modules and sensors. Thus the system could be specifically adapted for individual tests by integrating new sensors without having to change existing cables and software.

We thank the team of ABT Sportsline for this exciting project and the good cooperation.

All pictures with kind permission of ABT Sportsline GmbH.


Here you find the complete application case for download as PDF.

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