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HV DTemp IC-Sensors HV DTemp IC-Sensorik-Gruppe

HV DTemp IC Sensors

Digital temperature sensors with application-specific geometry

HV DTemp IC (Integrated Circuit) temperature sensors are used to measure temperatures in confined installation spaces, e.g. within the high-voltage battery at cell level. The flexible geometry allows easy adaptation to the respective requirements of the measurement task.


  • Miniaturized and robust sensors for use in confined spaces
  • Measurements between battery cells of all cell types
  • Digital and therefore interference-free temperature measurement
  • Application specific geometry
  • Reproducible and exact positioning on ultra-thin flexible circuit
  • Clear identification and assignment of the measurement points
HV DTemp IC sensor variants
HV DTemp IC sensor variants


The HV DTemp IC temperature sensor is soldered onto an ultra-thin flexible circuit and measures temperatures on its bottom surface. The sensors can be encapsulated for protection and to ensure contact safety. This HV DTemp IC sensors can be installed in different geometries according to the application:

Single Sensors

  • Single sensors with a connection cable for direct connection to an HV DTemp-Mx Controller.

Sensor Assembly

  • Up to four single sensors can be connected together to form a sensor assembly. To do this, they are either daisy chained with a connecting cable or connected via a small distribution board. In this way, the structure can be designed in a very flexible way.

Sensors on a larger ultra-thin flexible circuit

  • Multiple IC temperature sensors can be soldered as a group directly onto a larger ultra-thin flexible circuit and interconnected via conductive traces.
  • The dimensions of the flexible circuit and the sensor arrangement are customized to the respective measurement task.
  • The position of the individual sensors can be transferred exactly from simulations. Thanks to the reproducible arrangement, measurements can be repeated exactly.

With the different variants, the HV DTemp IC sensors can be applied to all common battery cell types (cylindrical cells, prismatic cells, pouch cells) as well as to other components in the HV battery (e.g. busbars). Due to the robust design, the sensors can also be pressed between battery cells.

Various connection cables (cable diameter from 2.8 ±0.3 mm to 0.42 ±0.05 mm) are available for connecting the single sensors and sensor assemblies. The cable ends are firmly soldered to solder pads on the flexible circuit and are also encapsulated.

Single sensor (not encapsulated)
Single sensor (not encapsulated)
Sensor assemblies
Sensor assemblies connected via a small distribution board, daisy chained and as single sensor (from left to right)
Four IC temperature sensors on an ultra-thin flexible circuit connected via traces
Four IC temperature sensors on an ultra-thin flexible circuit connected via traces

Technical Data

HV DTemp IC Sensor
IC sensor encapsulated on ultra-thin flexible circuit
Measurement range -40 °C to +125 °C
Internal resolution 16 Bit
Measurement deviation max. ±0.1 °C
max. ±0.15 °C
max. ±0.2 °C
max. ±0.25 °C
(Operating temperature -20 °C to +50 °C)
(Operating temperature -40 °C to +70 °C)
(Operating temperature -40 °C to +100 °C)
(Operating temperature -55 °C to +125 °C)
Contact safety Working voltage up to 1,000 V DC (at temperatures from -20 °C to +130 °C)
Sensor dimensions
(w × h × d)
approx. 1.5 mm × 0.5 mm × 1 mm
Flexible circuit dimensions
Single sensor
(w × h × d)
approx. 7 mm × 0.7 mm × 12 mm
Distribution board dimensions
Sensor assembly
(w × h × d)
approx. 30 mm × 2 mm × 17 mm
IC temperature sensor dimensions
IC temperature sensor dimensions
Abmessungen Einzelsensior
Single sensor dimensions
Distribution board dimensions
Distribution board dimensions


The extremely small dimensions, the robust design and the different possible geometries of the IC sensors allow temperature measurements at almost all places in the HV battery: Between battery cells of any cell type, at busbars and other electronic components.

The simple application with IC sensors on ultra-thin flexible circuit also simplifies the installation of a large number of sensors, as required for the precise determination of temperature profiles.

The HV DTemp measurement system is suitable for all demanding temperature measurements with a large number of measurements points in confined installation spaces. The measurement system can be used to determine temperature profiles between the battery cells, especially in HV batteries, e.g. for the optimization and validation of HV batteries in electric or hybrid vehicles.

Temparaturmessung zwischen Rundzellen mit IC-Sensorik auf Flexprint-Trägerfolien
Temperature measurements between cylindrical cells with IC sensors on an ultra-thin flexible circuit


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Here you will find all important information about the HV DTemp Measurement System for temperature measurements in high-voltage batteries.

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Firmware for HV DTemp-Mx Controller (unisolated)

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