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High-Voltage Safe Measurement Systems High-Voltage Safe Measurement Systems

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HV AD ECAT Measurement Modules

Measurement Ranges up to ±90 V and up to 1 MHz data rate

Specifically designed to be operated in high-voltage environments, these measurement modules, equipped with 4 analog inputs, provide safety for analog voltage measurements, optional with galvanically isolated sensor excitation.

HV AD4 ECAT Modules convince with their compact design and are ideally suited for use in the field of e-mobility, e. g. in engine compartments. In the test bench version, the modules can be easily embedded in existing configurations thanks to the 19-inch plug-in module. With a measurement data rate of 1 MHz per channel, even very fast analog signals can be recorded very precisely.

Quick and easy module configuration is done via CSM’s free configuration tool CSMconfig. The modules are either operated at a CSM XCP-Gateway (measurement data acquisition via XCP-on-Ethernet) or can be connected directly to a standard EtherCAT® master (max. 10 kHz/channel).

HV AD4 IF1000

  • high-voltage-safe 19-inch slide-in modules for use in test benches
  • certified safety concept in accordance with EN 61010; routine test including testing certificate
  • four or eight measurement inputs via 8-pin Redel multi-connectors
  • galvanically isolated sensor excitation for standard sensors in high-voltage environments
  • measurement ranges up to ±90 V on high-voltage potential
  • reinforced insulation up to 846 V
  • high measurement accuracy and very low temperature drift over the entire operating temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C
  • compact aluminium housing with protection class IP65
HV AD4 IF1000
HV AD4 IF1000

HV AD4 OW1000

  • four analog inputs with reinforced insulation
  • measurement data rate up to 1 MHz per channel
  • measurement range up to ±90 V
  • measurement range adjustable per channel
  • precise synchronization (modules & channels), a key criterion for power calculation etc.
  • type approval test according to safety standard EN 61010 by an accredited test laboratory
  • routine test according to safety standard EN 61010
HV AD4 OW1000
Safe measurement on high voltage components - HV AD4 OW1000
HV AD4 OW1000
HV AD4 OW1000 in test bench housing



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configview.png CSMconfig UPDATED
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  • Configuration software for CSM measurement modules (incl. documentation)
  • with visualization software CSMview
  • System requirements: (32- and 64-bit systems) Win7 / Win8 / Win10
  • Release notes

HV AD ECAT Module bis ±1000 V

HV AD ECAT Measurement Modules

Measurement Ranges up to ±1000 V and up to 1 MHz data rate

HV AD4 XW1000 measurement modules provide four analog inputs and are specifically designed for the measurement of high voltages in high-voltage environments.

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HV AD CAN Messtechnik

HV AD CAN Measurement Modules

Measurement Ranges up to ±90 V

Safe acquisition of analog signals on high-voltage components: CSM’s HV AD measurement modules offer all-round measurement technology for sensors with analog voltage outputs or measurements of analog voltages up to ±90 V in high-voltage environments.

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High-voltage measurement

Safe measurements on high-voltage components

E-mobility: Safe measurements on high-voltage components of electric and hybrid vehicles; in distributed applications and in test benches. CSM measurement systems offer certified safety for the measurement of temperature, voltage, humidity, etc. in high-voltage environments.

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Applikation im Motorraum.

Measurement of analog voltage from sensors

Regardless of whether it involves measurements of oil circuit pressure, the flow rate in the cooling circuit or a vehicle's ground clearance, many sensors convert their respective measured quantity into an analog voltage which can be processed in one of CSM's analog measurement modules.

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