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CSM HV DTemp Messsystem

CSM HV DTemp measurement system

High-voltage safe digital temperature measurement system for the development of high-voltage batteries

Patent pending

High-voltage batteries are of central importance for electric vehicles as an energy source. Their temperature behaviour must be studied in detail and temperature models must be verified. The new HV DTemp measurement system enables temperature measurements within high-voltage batteries in a completely new dimension.

AD4 pro ECAT

AD4 pro ECAT

Precise acquisition of low sensor voltages

Certain sensors (e.g. strain gauge-based sensors) output their signals in the form of very low voltages in the millivolt range. Their use requires extremely accurate measurement technology that can acquire and process these signals.

XCP-Gateway 4S pro

XCP-Gateway 4S pro

The protocol converter for demanding measurement tasks

XCP Gateway 4S Pro: The protocol converter for highest requirements. With the further development of the XCP Gateway pro, measurement tasks with many measurement channels and high data rates can be easily fulfilled.

TH8 evo

Simplified temperature measurements: TH8 evo

TEDS support makes temperature acquisition easier

With the new TH8 evo MiniModule, you realise precise decentralised temperature measurements with familiar type K thermocouples: Now even easier thanks to TEDS support. The TH8 evo MiniModules support TEDS according to IEEE 1451.4 standard.


New high-voltage-safe measuring modules for standard sensors

With our new HV AD measuring modules you can use standard sensors (e.g. for the measurement of vibration, acceleration or moisture) in high-voltage environments in test benches. Thanks to the use of EtherCAT®, measurement data rates of up to 1 MHz are possible.

XCP-Gateway pro

Further development of the XCP gateway

"+CAN" becomes "pro"

The XCP-Gateway pro is the evolution of our protocol converter XCP Gateway +CAN.