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HV BReakout-Module 3.3

HV Breakout Module 3.3

Three-phase measurement of internal conductor current and voltage for real-time power analysis

The new HV Breakout Module (HV BM) 3.3 allows electrical power analysis on vehicle engines without the use of classic power meters and current transformers.

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HV STG4 pro BS20

HV STG4 pro BS20

All-round module for strain gauge-based measurements in e-mobility

The new HV-safe measurement module for strain gauge-based sensors allows flexible use for numerous applications in e-mobility with an extended range of sensor excitation.

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AD4 pro IG1000

New all-round module for fast measurements

Precisely acquire small voltages - with data rates of up to 1 MHz

Certain sensors (e.g. strain gauge-based sensors) output their analog signals in the form of very small voltages in the millivolt range. To acquire these signals, very accurate measurement technology must be used.

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EOL Ankündigung OmniDrive 1.1

Streamlining the OmniDrive Product Series

From 30.04.2021 we will concentrate the portfolio of our PC Card drives OmniDrive USB2 on fewer variants.

EOL announcement: OmniDrive USB2 Professional and CF variants.

Last Call: The discontinued variants can still be ordered until April 30, 2021, with a latest delivery date of June 30, 2021.

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UniCAN 3 ETH data logger

UniCAN 3 ETH data logger

The new member of the UniCAN data logger family

The data logger UniCAN 3 ETH combines the robust design of the UniCAN family with an additional Ethernet interface.

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E-Mobility Measurement System

Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System

The comprehensive measurement system for the development of electric mobility

Precise acquisition of the most important values in HV and NV environments - Data from vehicle buses and control units - Powerful online analyzis

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