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News HV BM 1.2+U

HV Breakout Module 1.2+U enables several measurements to be taken at the same time

Single-phase measurement of 3 × voltage and current in HV applications

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News CSM Supply Unit HIOKI

New CSM Supply Unit HIOKI

Simply connect HIOKI current sensors to CSM measurement technology

The new CSM Supply Unit HIOKI enables the uncomplicated connection of HIOKI current sensors to CSM measurement modules.

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News HV Breakout-Module 3.1 OBC

Analyse charging processes of e-vehicles worldwide

New HV Breakout Module 3.1 OBC

The new HV Breakout Module 3.1 OBC has been specially developed for measurements of currents up to ±125 A or ±88 Arms. It is therefore suitable for analyzing one- to three-phase AC charging processes in electric and hybrid vehicles.

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New HV Split Breakout Module

HV-safe current and voltage measurement in confined spaces

The new HV SBM_I/U 10 A / 50 A allows safe and precise measurement of current and voltage in HV power cables with small cable diameter.

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STG6 pro BS20

STG6 pro BS20

Strain gauge measurement module for durability measurements

With an extended range of excitation voltage and the option for bridge balancing, the new measurement module can be used flexibly for strain gauge-based sensors.

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CSM HV BM Split Modules

HV BM Split Modules

Current, voltage and power measurement in confined spaces

The new HV BM Split modules allow measurements to be made in HV power cables and busbars running in confined spaces.

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