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EOL Ankündigung OmniDrive 1.1

EOL Announcement CSM OmniDrive USB 1.1

Since 1999 our OmniDrive USB 1.1 drives stand for functional integrity and data protection. Now it is time to discontinue the OmniDrive USB 1.1 series. Thank you for the long years of loyalty. This serves as the official announcement of the end-of-life of the aforementioned product. As to the discontinued drives, we offer alternative, up-to-date drives from CSM. Please find below the list of our discontinued drives and their successors.

EOL Announcement xx-Scan modules

xx-Scan measurement modules have been a well-established fixture in the measurement technology sector since 1986. After a production period of 30 years, it is now time to discontinue the modules AD-SCAN, DUAL-SCAN and THERMO-SCAN. Thank you for the long years of loyalty. As to the discontinued xx-Scan measurement modules, we offer alternative, up-to-date measurement modules from CSM's MiniModule family.