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Further development of the XCP gateway

"+CAN" becomes "pro"

The XCP-Gateway pro is the evolution of our protocol converter XCP Gateway +CAN.

In addition to two CAN interfaces for connecting CSM CAN Modules, it also offers the transmission of temperature information of the CSM HV Breakout Modules directly via EtherCAT®. This means that a CAN bus is no longer required for this task and the measurement setup is significantly simplified. Temperature control in the HV breakout modules is made easier. The XCP gateway is the interface between the data acquisition software and the EtherCAT®-based measurement modules from CSM. It makes the advantages of data acquisition via EtherCAT® and the flexibility of the widely used XCP-on-Ethernet standard available for measurement applications.

Further information on the XCP gateway variants can be found here.

XCP-Gateway pro