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CSM Current Clamp

Flexible and easy current measurement with current clamps

With the new ready-to-connect CSM Current Clamp, currents up to ±1,000 A can be measured even in HV environments.

The CSM Current Clamp enables easy current measurements up to ±1,000 A with signal frequencies up to 1 MHz. The integrated supply module allows the current clamp to be quickly connected to the power cables and to a measurement module of the AD4 ECAT MiniModule Series.

The current clamps are available in four types (20 A, 200 A, 500 A and 1,000 A).

Since the current clamps ensure galvanic isolation between the current cables to be measured and the measurement technology, they can also be used in 48 V on-board networks and HV environments.

Here you can find more information about the CSM Current Clamp.

CSM Current Clamp Gruppe
The new CSM Current Clamp is a ready-to-connect solution for easy and flexible current measurements.