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HV Breakout Module "C" variants

HV Breakout Modules with PowerLok plug-in system for easy handling on test benches

The new HV Breakout Modules 1.2C and 3.3C (connector variants) simplify handling by PL500 and PL300 connector systems.

The new HV Breakout Module 1.2C and the HV Breakout Modules 3.3C expand the portfolio for HV-safe measurement of internal conductor current, voltage and power. With the simple connection via PL500 (HV BM 1.2C) and PL300 (HV BM 3.3C) connector systems, necessary conversions on test benches can be carried out much faster and the handling of the modules is simplified.

The HV Breakout Module 1.2C is suitable for single-phase measurement of internal conductor current, voltage and instantaneous power in separate HV+ and HV- power cables, e.g. between battery simulator and inverter.

With the HV Breakout Module 3.3C the voltages U12, U23 und U31 and the internal conductor currents of L1, L2 und L3 can be measured phase-synchronously with one measurement module. The performance analysis is performed in real time with the Vector eMobilityAnalyzer.

The PowerLok connectors feature a quick-lock lever with connection position aid and a socket housing with integrated high-voltage locking for high vibrations. When mated, the connectors provide IP67 protection. Due to the robust design, the connectors are also suitable for a high number of mating cycles.

Appropriate crimping tools are available for attaching the appropriate connectors to the HV cables. This also allows connectors to be attached to the cables directly on site.

Here you can find more information about the C variants of the HV Breakout Modules.

HV BM 3.3
HV Breakout Module 1.2C
HV BM 3.3
HV Breakout Module 3.3C