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HV Breakout Module 3.3

Three-phase measurement of internal conductor current and voltage for real-time power analysis

The new HV Breakout Module (HV BM) 3.3 allows electrical power analysis on vehicle engines without the use of classic power meters and current transformers.

The module is suitable for use in powertrain test benches as well as for mobile real-time measurement in the high-voltage electrical system of test vehicles.

For 3-phase power measurement, the measurement circuit for currents and voltages is installed in the module. Phase currents and voltages up to 1,400 A and 2,000 V are sampled absolutely synchronously in the module. A time-consuming phase correction for power measurement is not necessary.

The HV BM 3.3 samples current and voltage signals at 2 MS/s and sends the values via XCP-on-Ethernet directly to the Vector Informatik software vMeasure exp or CANape. There, the measured raw data is stored and power values are calculated in real time using the integrated eMobilityAnalyzer function library.

Additional CSM CAN and ECAT measurement modules can be connected via integrated additional CAN and EtherCAT® interfaces. This significantly simplifies the measurement setup.

Here you can find more information about the HV Breakout Module 3.3

HV BM 3.3