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Analyse charging processes of e-vehicles worldwide

New HV Breakout Module 3.1 OBC

The new HV Breakout Module 3.1 OBC has been specially developed for measurements of currents up to ±125 A or ±88 Arms. It is therefore suitable for analyzing one- to three-phase AC charging processes in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Single-phase to three-phase measurements can be carried out with only one measurement module in all regions worldwide. The wiring for the measurement of star voltages is implemented directly in the module.

The HV Breakout Module 3.1 OBC is installed directly in the mains or charging cables between the mains connection and the charging station or between the Home EV Charger and the On-Board-Charger OBC. The module outputs voltage and current with up to 2 MHz measurement data rate and optionally calculates the RMS and power values.

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