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New all-round module for fast measurements

Precisely acquire small voltages - with data rates of up to 1 MHz

Certain sensors (e.g. strain gauge-based sensors) output their analog signals in the form of very small voltages in the millivolt range. To acquire these signals, very accurate measurement technology must be used.

High data rates of up to 1 MHz are also required for multi-channel applications and the acquisition of fast signals.

The new AD4 pro IG1000 MiniModule offers the technical conditions for both applications: The acquisition of very small voltages and a measurement data rate of up to 1 MHz.

This allows a flexible use of these modules, adapted to the respective measuring task.

As with all CSM AD4 measurement modules, the support of TEDS makes working with many sensors extremely easy.

Here you can find more information about the measurement module AD4 pro IG1000.

Messmodul AD4 pro IG1000