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New HV Split Breakout Module

HV-safe current and voltage measurement in confined spaces

The new HV SBM_I/U 10 A / 50 A allows safe and precise measurement of current and voltage in HV power cables with small cable diameter.

Numerous auxiliary consumers are found in the HV vehicle electrical system. With the new HV Split Breakout Module, current and voltage can be measured precisely in the supply cables, which often run in very confined installation spaces and offer little room for the installation of measurement technology.

Current is measured via a permanently installed shunt module, which is selected according to the application (±10 A or ±50 A). In addition, the voltage tap for H+ and HV- is also located within the module, which allows the voltage to be measured in the HV SAM (HV Split Acquisition Module). The HV SBM_I/U is connected to the HV SAM with two HV-safe sensor cables.

Thanks to the split design consisting of sensor module and measuring module, the HV BM Split modules can be flexibly installed even in confined conditions.

Here you can find more information on the HV SBM_I/U.