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CSM HV DTemp measurement system

High-voltage safe digital temperature measurement system for the development of high-voltage batteries

Patent pending

High-voltage batteries are of central importance for electric vehicles as an energy source. Their temperature behaviour must be studied in detail and temperature models must be verified. The new HV DTemp measurement system enables temperature measurements within high-voltage batteries in a completely new dimension.

The CSM HV DTemp measurement system is designed for the digital and precise measurement of up to 512 temperature measurement points via a single cable connection to the HV DTemp Central Unit. A HV DTemp measurement system consists of the three components HV DTemp IC Sensors, HV DTemp-M Controller and HV DTemp-P Central Unit.

The HV DTemp IC Sensors consists of IC temperature sensors which are applied onto an ultra-thin flexible circuit and measure the temperatures on their bottom surface. The sensors can be positioned according to the specific application by means of various designs as single sensors, sensor assemblies and as a group on an ultra-thin flexible circuit.

Digital signals from the Sensor Modules are received by the HV DTemp-M Controller and transmitted to the central unit. The digital data transmission offers great advantages here, as interference has only a minor effect on the sensor cables and measurement data transmission.

Each sensor is provided with its own CAN ID by the HV DTemp-P Central Unit, which makes it easier to assign and verify proper operation. The measurement data is transferred to the DAQ software via a CAN bus.

Learn more about the new HV DTemp measurement system and the unique advantages for temperature measurements in high voltage batteries.

HV DTemp measurement system
Overview of the HV DTemp measurement system: Central Unit, Controller and IC-Sensors (from left to right)