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High-Voltage Safe Measurement Systems High-Voltage Safe Measurement Systems

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High-Voltage AD Measurement Modules

With its HV AD measurement modules, CSM has designed safe all-round measurement devices for standard sensors with analog voltage outputs as well as for direct voltage measurements in high-voltage environments.

These modules offer a wide range of applications and are available in different versions: compact and robust for distributed measurement applications used in test drives (MiniModules) and as 19-inch slide-in modules for use in test benches (TBM).

In conjunction with specifically designed cables, the integrated, safely isolated sensor excitation allows the use of standard sensors for measurements on high-voltage components. For this purpose, CSM also offers high-voltage safe sensor cables in various designs.

For measured values such as:

  • analog voltages on high-voltage potential
  • humidity in high-voltage batteries
  • current via shunt
  • pressure
  • etc.
HV Measurement Modules
HV Measurement Modules

HV AD ECAT Measurement Modules

Measurement Ranges up to ±90 V and up to 1 MHz data rate

Specifically designed to be operated in high-voltage environments, HV AD4 OW1000 measurement modules, equipped with 4 analog inputs, provide safety for analog voltage measurements.

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HV AD CAN Measurement Modules

Measurement Ranges up to ±1000 V

HV AD4 XW20 measurement modules are specifically designed for the measurement of high voltages in high-voltage environments. Designed as 19-inch slide-in units, they are excellently suited for test bench applications and rack installation in enclosed areas of a vehicle.

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HV AD CAN Measurement Modules

Measurement Ranges up to ±90 V

Safe acquisition of analog signals on high-voltage components: CSM’s HV AD measurement modules offer all-round measurement technology for sensors with analog voltage outputs or measurements of analog voltages up to ±90 V in high-voltage environments.

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