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HV AD4 XCP Series HV AD XCP Messmodule

HV AD4 XCP Series

HV-safe voltage measurement with measurement data rates of up to 4 MHz per channel

Type HV AD4 XW4000

The HV AD4 XW4000 allows the precise investigation of high-frequency and very dynamic processes with measurement data rates of up to 4 MHz per channel. The measurement data is output directly via XCP-on-Ethernet.


  • Voltage measurement in HV applications
    • Nominal voltages up to ±1,000 V (measurement range up to ±2,000 V)
  • 4 analog inputs with reinforced isolation (galvanically isolated)
  • Measurement data rate up to 4 MHz per channel
  • GBit/s XCP-on-Ethernet interface for connection to measurement computer
  • XCP-Gateway option for connecting CSM EtherCAT® measurement modules
AD HV AD4 XW4000
HV-safe voltage measurement with up to 4 MHz per channel - HV AD4 XW4000


The HV AD4 XW4000 measurement module is equipped with a 4-channel socket for HV-safe sensor cables. They are used to measure the voltage in HV components with a very high sampling rate of 4 MS/s.

The measurement data is output directly via the standard XCP-on-Ethernet protocol, making it easy to connect the measurement module directly to common measurement PCs.

Further module variants

Other variants (e.g. smaller measurement ranges / measurement data rates) of the AD XCP MM series are also available on request and with the corresponding quantity.

Technical Data

HV AD4 XW4000
Measurement inputs 4 analog inputs
Measurement ranges ±100, ±200, ±500, ±1,000 V
(The measurement ranges of the analog inputs are set to ±2,000 V in order to be able to detect transient overvoltages)
Measurement data rate per channel 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 4,000 kHz
Measurement categories
CAT 0 1,000 V
CAT II 600 V
Operating conditions
Nominal voltages up to 1,000 V DC
Housing protection class IP67
Operating temperature range -40 °C to +125 °C
Pollution degree 4

XCP-Gateway Options

The measurement module includes an internal XCP gateway. Various options make it easy to expand the module to meet specific requirements.

HV AD4 XW4000 front view
HV AD4 XW4000 front view
HV AD4 XW4000 side view
HV AD4 XW4000 side view

Housing variants

Designation Slide Case Large (SCL)
HV AD4 XW4000


The HV AD4 XW4000 is particularly suitable for HV-safe voltage measurements in components with power semiconductors, such as inverters and converters. The high-frequency and very dynamic processes in such devices can be investigated in detail thanks to the high measurement data rate.

The robust housing design and technical features (e.g. the very low power consumption) allow use both under harsh conditions in road tests and in test bench environments.



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  • Configuration software for CSM measurement modules (incl. documentation)
  • with visualization software CSMview
  • System requirements: