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Use Cases
Use Cases

High-voltage Measurement Technology and NVH in Mobile Testing

In addition to changes in current, voltage and power measurements, electric powertrains also bring new challenges for acoustics: The HV electrical system and its assemblies, new materials and the elimination of masking noise sources require a holistic view of acoustics and performance parameters. This application example shows how a harmonized measurement system can be used to acquire and analyze the necessary measured values.

NVH and performance measurement in a test vehicle
Icon Background


Engineering and testing of electric powertrains are subject to new requirements. New components, technologies and materials also lead to new acoustic and vibration-related issues.

The development of new, high-performance electric vehicles requires innovative, holistic engineering and testing. For the development, a measurement system is needed that provides both e-mobility analyses and NVH analyses.

Measurement Task

Acquisition of acoustic signals and current, voltage as well as power for a holistic analysis of the electric powertrain.

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For a holistic analysis and targeted optimization of the electric powertrain, signals for NVH analyses and measured values for performance analyses must be acquired synchronously and bundled in an analysis software.

The synchronous acquisition of all required values saves valuable time, as no time-consuming manual post-processing of the data is necessary. This requires a measurement system that can process the large amount of raw data in real time.

The measurement technology used must be compact and robust so that it can be installed directly in the vehicle, close to the measurement point. This means that the same measurement technology can be used on the test bench and in the road test, and that the test results can be compared. In addition, HV safety for systems and users must be ensured.

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The CSM Measurement Solution

With a harmonized measurement system consisting of hardware and software from Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme, which is supplemented by hardware from CSM, all necessary measured values can be acquired synchronously and analyzed in real time.

Measurement setup for NVH and power measurement

  • A microphone array multimic from Müller-BBM VAS is installed for the acquisition of the acoustic signals. This allows an exact and repeatable arrangement of the microphone positions.
  • The sensors of the multimic used for vibroacoustic measurements are directly connected to measurement modules AD4 IE100.
  • In the HV electrical system, currents and voltages are measured directly in the HV power cables between the components with the HV Breakout Module 1.2 and the HV Breakout Module 3.3.
  • In addition, temperatures in the HV battery, inverter and electric motor can be measured with the temperature measurement module HV TH4 evo.
  • All measurement modules are connected to a XCP-Gateway via EtherCAT® and synchronized better than 1 μs.
  • The CSM PAK AddOn connects the measurement chain to the Müller-BBM VAS PAK live.hub. All CSM measurement modules continuously send the data stream to the PAK live.hub, which dynamically redistributes the data stream as a data hub.
  • Via the PAK live.hub, the PTP synchronous data stream is provided in real time to the PAK NVH software suite PAK 6.X.
  • With PAK 6.X, all necessary analyses (e.g. electrical and mechanical power, d/q transformation and modulation analysis) as well as evaluations in the areas of structure, rotation and sound quality are performed in real time.
NVH measurement
The sensors and microphones of the multimic are directly connected to CSM ECAT MiniModules.
HB BM 1.2 between HV battery and inverter
HV Breakout Module 1.2 for single-phase current and voltage measurement in the HV power cables between HV battery and inverter.
HV BM 3.3 in HV power cables between inverter and e-motor
The HV Breakout Module 3.3 measures the currents and voltages directly in the HV power cables between the inverter and the electric motor.
NVH measurement setup in the vehicle
With a lean measurement setup, the acoustic analyses can be easily correlated with performance values of the components in the electric powertrain.
Icon Benefits


Due to the simple networking of the data streams, a wide variety of test tasks can be comprehensively solved with one measurement system. Due to the compact measurement technology, acoustic and performance-related phenomena can be validated in the vehicle.

The high data rates and ensuring the synchronicity of all connected measurement modules allows the analysis in real time.

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