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CSM INCA AddOn CAN V3.1.0 / ETH V1.2.0

The new CSM INCA AddOn Version for CAN and ECAT is now available.

Are you a customer with an existing INCA AddOn maintenance contract? Then we will automatically send you your new version.

New features (AddOn CAN and AddOn ETH)

  • Both CSM INCA AddOn versions feature a new user interface:
    • The configuration views "Tree View", "Device List" and "Channel List" are now combined in a higher-level window to form configuration layouts.
  • INCA 7.1 is no longer supported.

Additional new features for the CSM INCA AddOn CAN

  • TH evo MiniModules are supported.
  • Support of new measurement functions for CNT4 evo measurement modules:
    • The last counter reading of a selected channel can be stored when the module is switched off.
    • The module now allows the use of sensor characteristic tables, for example for multi-point calibrations.
    • The "Revolution" function supports additional measurement ranges up to 600,000 U/min and the 32-bit data format.
    • The "Counter Continuous" function supports a new measurement range that also allows negative signs.
    • The CNT-specific alignment function "Counter Adjustment" has been implemented.
  • Specific AD4 pro CAN measurement modules now support all module-internal functions for zero adjustment and scaling.

Additional new features for the CSM INCA AddOn ETH

  • The latest protocol converter XCP-Gateway 4S pro, equipped with four ECAT inputs and GPS functionality is fully supported.
  • HV STG4 ECAT measurement modules are supported.
  • If the TEDS mode "Not using TEDS" is set, all TEDS modules connected will be ignored.

Apart from these major changes, further improvements were implemented. Please refer to the release notes of the software package for details.

If you have further wishes, suggestions or requests please do not hesitate to contact your account manager or our Support-Team