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High-Voltage Safe Measurement Systems

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High Voltage Safe Test Bench Modules

Safe high-voltage measurements in test benches: With the 19-inch slide-in modules, CSM has created an effective product portfolio for the safe measurement of analog voltages, currents, pressures, humidity and temperatures on high-voltage components in test benches and also in vehicles.

Measured values

Key features

  • Fast integration in existing bench infrastructures thanks to 19-inch slide-in modules and open interfaces (CAN bus)
  • Same module for the use in test benches and in vehicles
  • Certified safety concept in accordance with DIN EN 61010; routine test including testing certificate
  • Reinforced insulation up to 846 V
  • High measurement accuracy and very low temperature drift over the entire operating temperature range from up to -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Compact and robust design with protection class IP50/65


Safe high-voltage measurements in test benches: With the 19-inch slide-in modules
HV PT-TBM 8/65, HV TH-TBM 8 /65

Test bench module overview

Designation Measured value Channels IP protection class
HV AD-TBM 4+ /65 Analog signals (with sensor excitation) 4 65
HV AD-TBM 8 /65 Analog signals 8 65
HV TH-TBM 8 /65 Temperature (Thermocouple Type K) 8 65
HV PT-TBM 8 /65 Temperature (PT100/PT1000) 8 65



198.81 KB

104.26 MB

  • Configuration software with vizualization functionality for CSM measurement modules (incl. documentation)
  • System requirements: (32- and 64-bit systems) Win7 / Win8 / Win10
  • Note: This zip file is password-protected. Please include your contact details in an e-mail and send it to We will send you the password as soon as possible.

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