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Fatigue strength measurement on tie rod and axle control arms

New application example

To measure the fatigue strength of axle geometry components, the forces acting on them, suspension travel, steering angle and speed must be measured on the test bench and in road tests.

Components in vehicle axles must offer an optimum balance of strength and mass in order, on the one hand, not to make the vehicle unnecessarily heavy and, on the other, not to impair safety and ride comfort.

Simulations are used during development to simulate expected forces on tie rods and control arms. However, validation must take place on the test rig and in road tests. A coordinated measurement system is required for the necessary measurements in order to avoid long conversion times and to acquire all values simultaneously.

With the very accurate STG6 pro BS20 strain gauge measurement modules, the occurring forces on the components can be easily measured with strain gauges.

The complete application example and the report for download can be found here.