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CSM Computer-Systeme-Messtechnik GmbH

Fast, precise and flexible measurements in the vehicle development sector: CSM Computer-Systeme-Messtechnik GmbH is a leading manufacturer of mobile measurement equipment and data acquisition systems. For over 30 years, we set technological standards in the field of vehicle measurement technology.

The CAN and EtherCAT®-based measurement modules and data loggers of CSM have proven themselves over many years with regard to the deployment thereof, in the development and testing of new vehicles and components. They are particularly suitable for use under extreme environmental conditions and for measurements in electric and hybrid vehicles.

This product portfolio is complemented by a wide selection of memory card drives and memory cards for industrial applications, as well as programming tools for the development and production of control units.


  • High-voltage safe acceleration measurement in the HV battery

    New application example

    Read in our new application example how accelerations during a HV battery drop test are measured safely and synchronously.

  • Measurement of shield currents in electric vehicles

    New application example

    Read in our new application example how shield currents can be measured easily and safely.

  • CSM HV DTemp measurement system

    High-voltage safe digital temperature measurement system for the development of high-voltage batteries

    Patent pending

    High-voltage batteries are of central importance for electric vehicles as an energy source. Their temperature behaviour must be studied in detail and temperature models must be verified. The new HV DTemp measurement system enables temperature measurements within high-voltage batteries in a completely new dimension.