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CSM Computer-Systeme-Messtechnik GmbH presents new data logger UniCAN 3 ETH

CSM Computer-Systeme-Messtechnik GmbH extends the product portfolio of robust data loggers for automotive applications by the UniCAN 3 ETH for the acquisition of signals via Ethernet and CAN interfaces as well as digital inputs and outputs.

Especially in fleet tests compact and fail-safe data loggers are required, which can record data from various sources and transmit them remotely. There is usually little space available for the installation of the data loggers and they are often exposed to extreme conditions (temperatures, vibrations, etc.), during which the data must be recorded reliably.

These requirements are fulfilled by the data loggers of the CSM UniCAN - family. With the new data logger UniCAN 3 ETH, data from vehicle control units, buses and also CSM MiniModules are safely recorded via Ethernet and nine CAN interfaces. With the supported protocols (XCP-on-Ethernet, CAN-on-Ethernet, AUTOSAR and many more) the data logger can be used flexibly in any measurement task. Numerous options are also available for data transmission: Data can be transmitted worldwide via LTE and the logger configuration can be changed remotely. Furthermore, connections via WLAN or LAN as well as the classic exchange of the CF card are available.

Optional features such as CANsend, CAN Stimulation, Wake-on-CAN, or CAN FD allow for application-specific configuration of the data logger: The user only buys what he really needs.


With the comprehensive software package CSMuniconf the data logger can be configured user-friendly and fast. Logger project management for fleet tests, automatic data processing into individual output formats and other features further facilitate the application in different scenarios.

The UniCAN 3 ETH data logger complements the Vector CSM E-Mobility measurement system with another data logging option: While the Vector Smart Loggers of the VP family are designed for challenging measurement tasks requiring measurement data rates up to 1 GByte/s and real-time analysis, the UniCAN 3 ETH data loggers provide a compact, robust and power-saving alternative for data logging. The data recorded with them from control units, vehicle buses and measurement modules serve as a basis for subsequent data analysis.


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