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CSMconfig Release V8.7.3

The new version of CSMconfig is now available.

You can download the configuration software for all CSM measurement modules in our download section.

New features in V8.7.3


  • If the busload is exceeded during the configuration of an ECAT measurement chain or an individual ECAT module, a warning message will be displayed and the corresponding settings cannot be stored in the device. This prevents overload configurations.
  • The busload of an ECAT measurement chain is now displayed in the report of a configuration document. The figure is displayed below the XCP-Gateway entry in percent relative to the permitted maximum.
  • Measurement schemes using the CAN identifier "0" can now be imported.


  • A bus load issue concerning the CAN ports of the XCP-Gateway has been fixed.
  • An uncritical syntax error, which occurred in newly created A2L files when a sensor database was used, has been fixed.
  • The property "Device Number" is not supported by ECAT STGMM modules. The corresponding field in the Device Configuration Dialog is therefore greyed out now.
  • When using TEDS sensors on ADMM modules, a deviating configuration is highlighted in color. This now also works correctly for the property "Range" in the Channel Configuration Dialog.
  • When using TEDS sensors on ADMM modules, it could occur in exceptional cases that specific measurement ranges were not correctly read out from a TEDS and transferred to the channel settings. This error has been fixed.
  • The standard filter in ECAT modules is now correctly displayed when the measurement data rates 500 kHz and 1 MHz are used.
  • When using a sensor database, specific window sizes of the views (especially in Channel lists) could cause the program to seem to freeze when opening individual dialogs. This error has been fixed.

Apart from these major changes, further improvements were implemented. Please refer to the release notes of the software package for details.

If you have further wishes, suggestions or requests please do not hesitate to contact your account manager or our Support-Team