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Use Cases
Use Cases

High-Voltage Power Measurement

Power measurement and the analysis of power parameters (e.g. active power, apparent power, blind power) are important steps in the development of powertrain components. These examples show how such measurements are performed.

Application Example WLTP Power Measurement

WLTP Power Measurement of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

In the European Union, consumption values for new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles must be measured for type approval according to the WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure). This also applies to electric vehicles (battery electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles), for which the electric range is also determined. This example shows how the electrical energy consumed and the range per charge can be determined according to the WLTP.

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Application Example Efficiency Measurement Inverter

Real-time Efficiency Measurement on Inverter and Electric Motor

The optimal design of inverters is necessary for increasing the range per charge and performance of electric vehicles. The inverter is the link between the battery and the electric motor and plays an important part in the electric powertrain. This application example shows how power and efficiency calculations are performed on the inverter and how the measurement setup can easily be expanded for further measurements.

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Application Example Efficiency Measurement

Efficiency Measurement of a HV Powertrain

Electric powertrains have to be tested during many development phases. The overall efficiency is an important parameter for further optimization. In this application example, you can learn how the overall efficiency of fully integrated electrical powertrains is calculated in real time.

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