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Other Memory Card Drives and Software Tools

The CSM drives support almost all available memory cards that meet the PC Card Standard:

OmniDrive Centronics Professional (EOL)

As a universal PC Card drive for the PC printer port (Centronics), the OmniDrive Professional is in use with no problems reported and has proven itself in numerous applications.

OmniDrive Centronics Professional
OmniDrive Centronics Professional
  ATA PC Card SRAM Card Linear Flash Card Compact Flash Card Secure Digital Card Multimedia Card
OmniDrive Professional (EOL)            

 usable with adapter

Optional: adjustment for customer specific requirements
Available for: Windows 7 (32 Bit), Vista, XP, 2000, NT4.0, 95/98/Me, Win 3.x

Software Tools

CSM is a leading manufacturer of PC card drives and PC card data storage for industrial applications. The development of software and hardware is made exclusively in Filderstadt near Stuttgart. This particularly includes utility programs and development tools for dealing with virtually all current memory cards and many exotics.


Software Development Kit for PC Card Applications

  • Simplifies access to application-specific and binary data formats
  • Supports users and developers with examples and DLL solutions
  • Documents the CSM API- and DLL-interfaces
  • Applicable for CSM Professional PC Card Drives, such as OmniDrive USB2 LF
  • Available under Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000/XP, Vista und Windows 7

PC-Card Manager for the OmniDrive Product Series

The PC Card Manager is a Windows tool that allows the easy and professional handling of SRAM, Linear Flash and ATA PC Cards.

It is included with the shipment of the OmniDrive Product Series.

  • For use with OmniDrive Professional and OmniDrive USB2 Professional in particular as a convenient tool for the programming of Linear Flash Cards
  • Data access and transfer between PC Card and PC is completely format-independent. The data content of the PC cards is treated as a field of data bytes.
  • Free access to all areas of PC Cards (attribute and common memory)
  • Binary copy function, reading and writing user-definable areas on the PC Card
  • Backup application settings for easy implementation of recurring operations
  • Scan- und repair-tool for ATA and CompactFlash Cards   



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Treibersoftware für OmniDrive Professional (Parallel-Port/Centronics)
OmniDrive Professional externes Gehäuse mit blauen Ringen (Parallel