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CSM extends measurement options in high-voltage environments

CSM introduces high-voltage safe measurement modules for the acquisition of analog signals and temperatures

High-voltage safe measurement systems for the acquisition of analog signals and temperatures with PT100/PT1000 sensors: Thanks to the integrated sensor excitation the new CSM HV measurement sytems ensure the safe use of standard sensors with analog voltage output in high voltage environments. Moreover, they allow temperature measurements with PT100/PT1000 sensors e.g. directly between battery cells or in the power electronics. CSM presents the extended product range of HV measurement systems at the Sensor+Test 2016 in Nuremberg and the Automotive Testing Expo Europe und Stuttgart.

High-voltage safe measurement of analog signals and temperatures in test drives and test benches

CSM’s new high-voltage measurement modules for the safe acquisition of analog measured quantities such as humidity, acceleration or temperature via PT100/PT1000 sensors in HV environments complement the tried and tested thermo measurement modules. „Our new measurement modules HV ADMM and HV PTMM allow the safe and precise measurement of different measured quantities in high-voltage environments of vehicles during test drives. This is new and unique so far“, says Dr.-Ing. Winfried Koch, general manager of CSM GmbH.

HV ADMM 2+ provides options to apply standard sensors with a sufficiently high voltage output in high-voltage environments. This module features two high-voltage safe galvanically isolated analog measurement inputs and a galvanically isolated sensor excitation. The connection cable between sensor and measurement input is also high-voltage safe. This allows the safe measurement of voltage, current (via shunt), humidity, pressure, acceleration, etc. in the high-voltage environments. HV PTMM modules are designed for high-precision temperature measurements with PT100/PT1000 sensors. Due to their flat design, foil PT sensors can be used for temperature measurements in very confined spaces, e. g. between battery cells or in the power electronics. For measurement applications in test benches and in car trunks CSM provides its high-voltage measurement modules additionally in 19‘‘ slide-in housings.

Thanks to the compact size featuring protection class IP67 and the wide operating temperature range of -40 °C to +100 °C, these modules can be installed directly in the engine compartment close to the traction batteries. The low power consumption ensures negligible self-heating and hence precise measurement readings over the entire operating temperature range. Also, the installation close to the points of measurement reduces interferences and thus enhances the precision of measurement results. Additionally, the mounting of measurement modules close to the sensors increases safety as it considerably reduces the risk of worn or defective sensor cables on high-voltage potential.

CSM measurement modules provides certified safety according to safety standard EN 61010

Thanks to the safety concept, CSM measurement systems allow the set-up of HV resistant measurement chains from the point of measurement to the acquisition of measurement data. The system with measurement modules and connector cables undergoes a routine test prior to delivery. Additionally, each module und cable undergo a HV insulation routine test prior to delivery. The double-insulated multi-connector cables, manufactured by SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co. KG, play an important role as well. These cables come with a ready-made and fully insulated plastic connector, allowing to safely connect up to four points of measurement to a HV measurement module. This reduces the cabling efforts and reduces the costs in comparison to comparable single-channel cables.

Dank des kompakten und robusten Gehäuses können die CSM HV-Messmodule direkt im Motorraum verbaut werden.Thanks to the compact and robust housing CSM's high-voltage measurmement modules can be installed directly in the engine compartment.

Die neuen HV-Messmodule von CSM ermöglichen das sichere Erfassen von Analogsignalen mit Standardsensoren und Temperaturen mit PT100/PT1000-Sensoren in HV-UmgebungCSM's new high-voltage measurement modules ensure safe measurments of analog signals and temperatures with PT100/PT1000 sensors in high-voltage environments.


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About CSM

CSM is a leading, highly innovative manufacturer of decentralized networked, robust measurement technology and data loggers for applications in vehicles and test benches. We have been setting technological standards in this field for over 40 years. Our products are successfully used worldwide by almost all manufacturers of passenger cars, commercial, agricultural, and material handling vehicles as well as their suppliers and service providers.

Continuous innovation and long-term satisfied customers are our guarantee for success. With our high-voltage safe measurement and breakout modules developed for fast and synchronous measurements on electric and hybrid vehicles, we actively accompany our customers’ transformation towards E-Mobility.



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