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CSM INCA® AddOn ETH V1.1.0

The new CSM INCA® AddOn ETH Version is available.

The software is delivered automatically to customers with an INCA AddOn maintenance contract.

E-Mobility: Sicher messen an Hochvolt-Komponenten mit CSM Messmodulen
  • HV Breakout Modules (HV BM 1.1 and HV BM 1.2) are supported.
  • HV IEPE3 FL1000 measurement module is supported.
  • In the AddOn, various universal cables with integrated TEDS chip (K642 and K833) can be used with STGMM measurement modules for the individual configuration of half and full bridges.
  • The channel comment feature is now supported by all high-voltage measurement modules.
  • Certain modules support the function “Per channel configuration”. A complete list of all supported modules can be found in the online help under "Configuration of CAN-ID and Transmit Rate per Channel".
  • The AddOn offers the possibility to define device- and AddOn-specific settings and to save them as template files.
  • The option Write Name to TEDS has been added to the Channel Configuration Dialog. To use this option, it first needs to be enabled in the Program Settings dialog (Allow adding channel name to TEDS).
  • Channel comments are transmitted to INCA.
  • Support of ASAM MCD-1 XCP V1.4 according to specification as of 2017-05-24

There have been further improvements and corrections, please refer to the Release Notes for details.

If you have any wishes, suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local account manager or support.