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CSMuniconf 2.1.12 (former UniCAN 2 Professional Tools)

The new version of CSMuniconf is available.

You can download the configuration software for the data loggers UniCAN 3, UniCAN 2 Professional and UniCAN 2 in the Download area.

New features CSMuniconf

  • New feature Wake-on-CAN
  • WLAN and Ethernet can be configured instead of cellular modem
  • Visual enhancements in the project tree
  • New device variants of UniCAN 2 and UniCAN 3 supported

New features UniCAN 3 firmware

  • Wake-on-CAN
  • Configurable minimum recording duration
  • Configurable stop measurement trigger
  • Supports data upload/update download through WLAN and Ethernet (optional)

Apart from these major changes, further improvements were implemented. Please refer to the release notes of the software package for details.

If you have any wishes, suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager or our Support-Team at