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CSMconfig Release Version V9.4.0

The new version of CSMconfig is now available.

You can download the configuration software for all CSM measurement modules in our download section.

New Features

  • The optional measurement of power and RMS values is now supported by all HV BM 1. x measurement modules. A license is required to enable these channels. In addition, firmware and hardware have to support this feature.
  • In a report, the calibration date of a measurement module is now also indicated in the "Overview" section. If the measurement module is not calibrated or the calibration is no longer valid, the note "not calibrated" is displayed instead.
  • The command Resize grid columns in the View menu automatically adjusts the column widths in the Channel or Device list to the column contents.

Apart from these major changes, further improvements were implemented. Please refer to the release notes of the software package for details.

If you have further wishes, suggestions or requests please do not hesitate to contact your account manager or our Support-Team