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Questions and answers on CSM products.

Which CSMconfig Version is used by CANape?

CANape automatically uses the installed CSMconfig with the highest version number.

How do I exchange a gateway in a CANape setup?

The CANape driver expects exactly defined settings with regard to the network configuration. If an XCP gateway is to be exchanged in an existing CANape project, the new gateway must use identical IP address settings like the replaced gateway. The different serial numbers of the two devices will cause no problem, since the communication between CANape and the modules is identified exclusively via the IP address.

To set the correct connection parameters (IP address), open the "XCP Gateway Configuration" dialog in CSMconfig and adapt it.

Note: If the IP address of the old gateway is not known, there are two ways to find it out.

  1. Read the IP address from the A2L file.
  2. In CANape under Device Information the IP address for the network is listed.

Where can I download the INCA AddOn CAN/ETH?

The CSM INCA AddOns are licensed software. If you do not yet have a license, please contact your personal account manager or

If you already have a license and are only looking for the installation package, please contact your personal account manager or CSM Service and Support.

Which Modules support TEDS?

A complete list of CAN AD modules with TEDS functionality can be found here: Measurement modules with TEDS support

The STGMM 6 CAN and ECAT modules support TEDS (CSM-proprietary template).

Which interfaces are supported by the CSM INCA AddOn CAN?

The integration of the CAN interfaces into CSM INCA AddOn CAN is based on the BOA driver library of INCA.
This supports all CAN interfaces which are also supported by the BOA installation on your PC. Additionally, ETAS CAN interfaces can be used.

For a complete list of all supported CAN interfaces of your BOA driver library, please contact ETAS.

What is the pinning of the signal sockets for modules wih TEDS-functionality?


Pinning of standard CAN signal sockets:

Signal socket for AD CAN MM series
Connector Measuring input Pin Signal Description
View of module front LEMO 0B, 6pol
View of module front
LEMO 0B, 6pol
1 VIN + Input voltage, plus
2 VIN - Input voltage, minus
3 -- reserved, do not connect
TEDS Data TEDS data line
4 VOUT + Sensor supply output, plus
5 VGND Sensor supply ground
TEDSGND TEDS ground lead (additional)1
6 VOUT- Sensor supply output, minus
-- reserved, do not connect2

1Only for measurement modules with TEDS support
 2 Only for measurement modules ADMM 4/AD4 MX2

Signal socket for STG CAN/ECAT MM series
Connector Measuring input Pin Signal Description
Sicht auf Modulfront LEMO 0B, 6pol
View of module front
LEMO 1B, 8pol
1 VIN - Input voltage, minus
2 VIN +
Input voltage, plus
3 VOUT - Bridge excitation voltage, ground
4 VOUT + Bridge excitation voltage, plus
5 VSENSE - Sense Minus
6 VSENSE + Sense Plus
7 TEDS GND TEDS ground lead
Channel Shield Shield for measurement signal
8 TEDS Data Data line TEDS
Housing Cable Shield Outer Shield (housing)

Which CAN interfaces are supported by CSMview?

Currently not all CAN interfaces available in CSMconfig are supported by CSMview. CAN interfaces from the following manufacturers are currently available for CSMview:

  • CSM 
  • vector
  • Kvaser

Note: BOA driver-based interfaces are not supported.

Where can I find the housing dimensions of the respective modules?

All module housing dimensions are listed on the CSM website.

  • On each site of the module (e.g. AD CAN-MM) there is a table with the available housing variants.
  • Click on the title line of the respective housing variant.
  • An overlay opens which shows the dimensions of the selected enclosure type.

These are in detail: Case eXtra Small (CXS), Case Small (CS), Slide Case Small (SCS), Case Large (CL), Slide Case Large (SCL),

How to recognize 1000V voltage inputs on a HV measuring module?

1000V voltage inputs and the associated signal cables can be identified by the color coding.

1. On the cable:

  • Red grommet
  • Grey body
  • Black nut

2. On the module:

  • Red nut on the input socket
Sensor cable
Sensor cable K910
Input socket
Input socket HV AD ECAT measurement module

Why are some ETAS interfaces not recognized in CSMconfig?

To use ETAS interfaces by CSMconfig, the ETAS BOA driver library must be installed. The required drivers are supplied with the installation of INCA, but can also be downloaded directly from the ETAS download portal.

In order for the ETAS interfaces to be recognized by CSMconfig, the BOA interface library must be selected in the program settings.

Note: Not all ETAS interfaces use the BOA interface. Such interfaces cannot be addressed by CSMconfig despite selection of the BOA interface library.

Program Settings CSMconfig
Program Settings CSMconfig

Can I install and use the INCA AddOn CAN and AddOn ETH at the same time?

The AddOns behave like AddOns from different manufacturers. Therefore it is possible to install and use them at the same time.

The AddOn CAN is started via the respective ETAS interface, the AddOn ETH via the Ethernet interface.

Where can I find information about cables and CAN/ECAT accessories?

Information on cables and general CAN or ECAT accessories can be found here.

For more detailed technical questions contact If you have further questions about CSM products in general, please contact your personal account manager or

With which software products can a CSMcan be used?

The CSMcan can be used with the following software products:

  • CSMconfig
  • CSMview
  • vMeasure CSM
  • vMeasure Expert

The CSMcan is not supported in CANape and cannot therefore be used as an interface.